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  1. me to, it will give you second thoughts before killing some random person in the streets.
  2. It would be cool to be able to drive trains again , we have seen evidence that points to the conclusion that you can. maybe you can drive them into each other like Trevor does in the second trailer
  3. Free mode is going to be all about jumping out of a jet and landing on that blimp! Agreed, i think that will be one of the highlights in the GTA V
  4. yeah i have had much headache just thinking about when the second trailer come out, now i can rest peacefully again and let days go by until GTA V comes out in spring
  5. Agree the helicopter physics in gta iv was to realistic for a game, because its propels (sorry if it is the wrong word) fall off after to much damage, its ok to be realistic but not like gta iv, i personaly think gta iv was to boring. (this is my first comment so bear with me if this is bad)