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    Late 2013, at the earliest. Would expect/prefer they wait until 2014/15.
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    I really hope they bring back the police Ranger for the countryside. My favorite police vehicle from all the games.
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    haha Frighteners was a kickass movie.
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    I kinda liked the first model better then this newer one.
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    Alaska, grand theft sled dog.
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    i heard it on tv once about sub atomic physics particles but i don't remember it anymore. x
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    Oh. My. God. Only in Canada Old memories.... Rock it with me GtaGrl!
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    Speaking of prison, the next forum deathmatch is in the GTA IV prison, shotguns only. PS3, Mon Sept 3, 6PM EST/11PM GMT. Sign up in the multiplayer section.
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    Only watch the playoffs??? Shit, i try to watch every preseason game... Even ones that dont feature my team or my devision... Some people say those games dont count and that the players dont play hard, and thats bull crap. For most of the people that play in preseason games those games are the most important games of there life, and they play their guts out...
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    yes i would. But i think they should make a DLC pack that is GTA 5 in the 80's.
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    If there is a prison, inmates should be fighting. What prison doesn't have inmates fighting? Would be cool if there was a riot in one mission, somehow. No showers though, that's not necessary...
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    I like how they couldn't even be arsed to use a GTA V screenshot and just stuck a fake in there. A terrible fake, at that.
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    breaking bad is fucking awesome
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    No. No, no, no, no, nonononononono. And furthermore: NO! It's pointless, stupid, and adds nothing. What would prison do? Break the flow of the story if you're into that, and break the flow of gameplay six ways from Sunday. They tried it in Mafia II and I didn't like it then, and I wouldn't like it now if Rockstar shoehorned it into GTA V.
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    I'm reading some H.P. Lovecraft at the moment. Picked up the Nerconomicon to go with it, but every time I open the damn thing, I feel like a complete tool.
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    Yeah, I would like smarter and more realistic cops...like they would try to pull u over first like in midnight club, and the whole wanted level thing was more realistic. Just as long as it doesn't get to the point of getting a star when u run a red light or speed, that would kill the game
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    K*rose, KDST, and Radio x all from GTA-SanAdreas... GTA San Andreas had the best soundtrack of all the games, even the rap songs were better.
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    Radio los santos, k-dst, radio x,wctr. The commercials r funny and so r the djs. Altho I hate sage from radio x, radio x has the best songs
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    hate to be a dick but sharks are classed as mammals, yeah im being that guy lol but id LOVE to see sharks we better get some bears in the woods, its just fucking funny when a bear mauls someone in the woods online in RDR xD
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    I assume "ramping" is the gay term for going balls deep on a first date. And "huge hills" is pretty obvious.