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  1. interesting responses fellow comrades i am wondering how some people like lamar because i found he only gets franklin clinton into trouble with his ideas that just don't work also i found it hard to understand his dialogue even with the subtitles turned on because he and franklin clinton speak so differently when together i call it gangster talk which is rough and hard to decipher.
  2. hello all wondering your opinions on an issue i think can be fun to discuss. at the end i will reveal my favorite character in the game overall thus far so stay tuned but out of the main three characters (michal, franklin, trisha) i just cannot decide i like them all. i checked on the game settings and i have played most of the time with franklin but this may be because i started with him and he has a good special ability but as persons they are all unique and equally intriguing in their own right which makes the game very good. now i will reveal my favorite character overall now the real question who is YOUR favorite character? post below voting closes at 22:00 eastern on 31/12/2013 (world) or 12/31/2013 (usa). thank you.
  3. omggomgogmogogg sharks!!!! yes it is a great shite whark in grand theft auto yes! i can ride sharks get eaten by sharks and discover all the different types of sharks! i hope there is other sharks like killer whale and fishes that sharks eat! i will just swim with them in the scuba diving kit but stay far enough away so they don't eat me. x
  4. i have heard of the banach tarski paradox i read it in one my books ealier this year in march it is interesting because the book proposed it in such a way that we could copy and paste anything we wanted essentially but then went on to state that only if the said object was divided in non-measurable sets and then reassembled which is the key point but i believe this maths is more modern maths and at the moment i'm trying to familymarise myself with more classical maths before moving on because i like to do things in chronological order so at the moment i'm fascinated with infinitesimal series. x
  5. this was in primary school i study maths almost all the time at school because i'm very good at it i have already finished my as and a2 maths and further maths a year early and now i'm learning university maths for next year when i go to the university. x
  6. thank you very lot fellas i'm glad you liked it. that is now four people that like my story this could be my best one yet. jobo i don't know what a bj is but i will assume is it something tasty or good but i think the cookies were more tasty than what a bj is and i got two cookies as opposed to one bj. x
  7. update to my fans i have posted another life story about me in the school memories topic in general discussion. you should read it because i showed the story to two people and they both agreed it was good. x

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    2. Brian


      Qwob you still lurk...

    3. qwob


      lurk backwards is krul so it is krul to say that not really brian i know you mean well thank you for welcoming me back i am still very fond of you. x

    4. Brian


      Hope life is going well

  8. another story time. this one is a good one i've told it to two people and they both agreed it was good. at lunch time one day it was in the summer in england and at summer here it is usually quite mild and nice and breezy but today was an extra hot day and i spent break time putting my face horizontal next to the ground and i could see heat waves so it was really really hot. i had a nice brown paper bag my mum made for me with my cheese and pea sandwich but i don't like peas because they taste of a garden so i took the peas out when i was walking to school and left the cheese sandwich and the peas in the brown paper bag on the hot day. at lunch time i came up to my bag which had been by the window with everyone's lunch food and i opened it and my whole cheese sandwich was melted and i just had a cheese and pea soup left in the bag and it was disgusting so i showed my teacher miss hope and she was very nice and she said come with me and smiled and i went into her office room and she closed the door and then looked at me and then gave me two big cookies because she brought three in for lunch and i was very grateful for it and we ate the cookies in her room and i said thank you after every three bites and we talked about advanced calculus questions. she was great so i decided never to correct her mistakes in maths ever again to be nice. x
  9. well done DuPe he is one of us. x
  10. hello and welc to another thread. the title says which tv show character are you most like so you can think of the tv show character you are most like and then comment it. it has to be at least a bit realistic so dont worry if its funny. ill begin: (you can also suggest which members you think would be like in real life but youre not forced to) jesse pinkman's little brother, from amc's breaking bad why i am like him: we are both smart and more cognitively capable than more people we also both like and respect jesse (our big brother who cooks methamphetamine for a living) and we also both play a musical instrument the only difference is i am older than him so a bit better. so its your turn. x
  11. oh i did not know that i will go back and edit my posts with the white bbbbb in them because that wasn't my intention thank you. x i thought of it because sometimes one space isnt a long enough pause if you are going to say something dramatic but seeing as that plan failed i may have to think of something else altogether now. x
  12. can you see them tree? i do it to make a nice space so its easy to read and the background is white so you cant see them. x
  13. i think at least one of these pictures will end up being real who knows maybe its that one just above me or maybe it's one that i make. x
  14. if i was had no legs i would go into the town centre and put ketchup all on the floor next to a car wheel and then lie down next to the car wheel and pretend to be run over and dead. it would be so funny and cause so much commotion. x

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    2. qwob


      i am talking about people with no legs gun. x

    3. GunSmith
    4. qwob


      im sorry. can you get a friend to take a picture of you in the town centre with ketchup on the floor next to a car wheel and you lying down next to the car wheel pretending you've been run over a dead? it would cause a lot of commotion. x

  15. whenever i see it raining outside from my window which is nice and warm i just get the urge to run outside and wave my arms about embracing the rain while everyone else just watches and hates the rain. they should make the most of it. x

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    2. GunSmith
    3. qwob


      massacre i am very good at the maths but why do you friends feel uneasy reading it? x

    4. jobo


      He's a unique one.

  16. dupzor which university are you at with roger moore? i am a massive fan (enthusiast not wind turbine). x here i be:
  17. knighty are you sure it is not called minecraft? that is a game with randomly generated terrain but didnt come out a long time ago so it may not be the name of it it may be called freeride x like you said. x
  18. iback like the ninja that never left did you miss pleased to meet you don't you know my name. i know yours i researched it and it is good to say hello to everyone again after my extended abscness.

  19. i am back sorry family crisis living conditions now improved and happy with my new bed it is much softer than the old one which used to hurt my back this new one is soft and comes with a fresh quilt i am so happy to be here now. x

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    2. qwob


      libertarian* sorry. x

    3. gtagrl


      Cheers qwob, everyone's entitled to their style of writing, but your comments feel very stream-of-consciousness as a result. Tbh, it's hard to read, so sometimes I don't bother.


    4. jobo


      I used to use no punctuation.

  20. ra ra hello good blue view hello. x

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    2. ViceMan


      I would like to ejaculate all over your face, is that okay? If you stay silent it means you are fully complying with my request.

  21. thank massacre i didn't know there was a topic thank you. x
  22. hello friends today i been looking at different animals in the internet. animals are a passion of mine i developed from a young age when i saw a doctorumentry about cheetahs and was absorbed. since them i have developed my animal ratings and now have a lot of animals that i like and less animals that i don't know i sometimes read my animal encyclopedia to find out more of my favourite animals and now i want to share them because i am just so happy thinking about them please you can post some of your favourite animals as well and i will look at them so i have like more animals. now onto the gallary: ethiopian wolf this large amphibian evolved in africa and hunts in the serengeti eating a wide variety of food including birds and coffee beans. leopard seal this species is known for its face which looks like a leopard and its similar hunting techniques eating a lot of meat. gazelle this elegant carnivore is one of the top predators in its environment and it very violent. dingo this big cat is native to australia and has since populated zoos throughout the world. carnivorous. komodo dragon the komodo dragon was found by charles darwin in the galapocos islands and legend says he fought away one for accidently going into its territory. cheetah this land animal can reach speeds of 90 mph and can beat a car in a 100m sprint. it uses its elusive speed to outrun predators such as the gazelle. iberian lynx native to iberia (south of siberia) this land cat is lovely but critically endangered please donate now. cow this wild omnivore is large and eats plants such as grass, eats other cows and drinks milk. black mamba this poisonous amphibian contains enough poison to poison fatally 400 men and is the most poisonous snake. blue sheep this animal derives its name from its speedy footwork enabling it run down and maneuver rocky cliffs very quickly allowing to run away even from a snow leopard. there you go friends that is just 10 of my favourite animals in the world join me next time to find out my top 10 plants and bacterium. i hope you at least learnt 1 thing please show me your animals because i am ready to learn more too thank. x
  23. You obviously dropped out before they could teach a punctuation lesson. i am still there english isn't my forte so to say. x
  24. did you know radamel falcao has a brother called peregine? x