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  1. am i the only one that this the custom characters look like shit?
  2. So because she is transgender makes her the worst person to review a game? man, female, trans... who cares? It is one persons OPINION of the game.
  3. there better be metal on that Rock station... i like the punk station and all...
  4. OMG! this game looks sexy as hell. So who am i playing this game on PS3 with? i am getting it for both 360 & PS3
  5. I am excited about the soundtrack, it seems they making this soundtrack more important and memorablethan the one in GTA IV. I hope there is an 80's station. Bands i would love to see on the soundtrack but i know i wont.. Havok Green Day (dookie) Megadeth Less Than Jake Rise Against Tonight Alive Warbringer
  6. i really wanna get the collections edition. My big concern... is GTA V gonna be on Xbox One and PS4?
  7. I love your uh, er... Commitment, I am a fan and I do choose my tattoos/artwork wisely.