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  1. I think the antagonist will be between Michael and Trevor and towards the end of the game as you play as each one individually they plot to kill the other and maybe Franklin has a part in helping/choosing which. I'm more drawn to playing as Michael at the moment since I don't really go for the mayhem that Trevor seems to be about. Too early to tell about Franklin. I wonder if each character has their own unique collectables too...
  2. If the GTA sites crash I'm gonna bite and subscribe to download the digital issue.
  3. I can't wait to read all the new information next week. Yep, next week is looking pretty good.
  4. I went to the London Games Festival a few years ago to play the first Assassin's Creed and didn't really think it was worthwhile. Too many ubër nerds there and too little time to go hands on with a game that would be out in a couple of months anyway. On the upside - I did get to meet Jade Raymond! Most of the gaming conventions in the UK are retailer based so you don't get as many developers and publishers coming to show off new things.
  5. Much larger weapon selection. IV still had a basic selection with only 2 or 3 types of each weapon. -Ammu-Nation returns alongside underground arms dealers. Each sell different weaponry. - Weapons should be considerably expensive to buy, but once purchased are permanently avaliable at safehouses even if you pick up a different weapon during a mission etc... - Rare guns unlocked by completing side-missions or collecting hidden packages.
  6. Could be interesting. Just hope it isn't a Shanghai reskin of L.A Noire.
  7. I really hope they bring back the police Ranger for the countryside. My favorite police vehicle from all the games.
  8. I will be getting this. Big fan of the movies and I even liked the Aliens Vs Predator game on X360 enough to get 100% Achievements on it.
  9. I read it adds a 'black and white mode' to the single-player as well. Would be nice for the flashback levels in New Jersey but Sao Paulo in B&W would just look weird.
  10. I hope the map isn't unlocked from the go, I always looked forward to progressing far enough to unlock somewhere new to explore in all the previous games. I read in another thread that they might use wildfires as a disaster to lock parts of the map like the bridge closures in IV. Although I don't think there will be that much of the world to lock off. Maybe a decent amount of missions in the city then you get a notice saying the countryside is avaliable. No 3 step islands like all the other games.
  11. The easiest one in IV was having to go and take a photo of Gracie for Packie. Although there were a few like that. Hardest missions were whichever ones had Phil Bell as a partner...he always seemed to die with me.
  12. - Ability to replay missions via the phone (like TBOGT) - Safehouses store weapons and ammo. - Parking garages to save cars, not the space outside the safehouse. - Purchasable business assets and safehouses. - Multiplayer system like Red Dead Redemption. Also no MP Achievements that require grinding. - Wear a police uniform when doing vigilante missions/don't get wanted level. - Friends not phoning me to do friendship activities. - Body armor makes an aesthetic difference to appearance. - Better rewards, especially for completing the game 100%.
  13. I'll pre-order as soon as there is a release date or the announcement of a special edition.