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  1. They are like 130 now..
  2. Hi, we are on discord.
  3. Neat.. I want to get a metal lathe and turn some steel..
  4. dupz, you should add the guarna map to this map with all the stuff in between....
  5. i agree with the commentor. You didn’t show us how to clip out of the map. THUMBS DOWN
  6. Massacre, why ain’t you on discord?

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    2. DuPz0r


      gtagrl is the only person that has had contact with him. I've tried to message him on PSN, with no luck.

    3. Ginginho


      I hope he is all good - i miss Massacre

    4. gtagrl


      I've done my best. He has a non-expiring invite, the rest is up to him. 

  7. Qdeathstar


    i did preorder it, but in order to get access to this beta you have to be chosen so it’s not too many people that are playing. It’s a private beta... i am getting in on the beta, depending on when it is and how often i have to work.... been working 55hrs/week recently. Next weekend i’m out of town so we’ll see.
  8. Qdeathstar


    I don’t think that there are going to be a lot of spoilers, being that this is COD: Fallout....
  9. Qdeathstar


    People always mention the bugs but I have never noticed them, maybe it’s because I play the game too slowly and by the time I get to the bug it’s been patched. im more worried about this game being something no one wants because they’ve focused on not alienating fallout fans while at the same time wanting to develop a microtransaction cash cow, like gtao. I think they are stuck in a middle ground and that isn’t every a good place to be.
  10. Qdeathstar


    The game would be a lot better with persistent, eg, you play with the same people on the same server for a period of time.... without persistence I think it’s gonna miss some feels. Essentially, vault dwellers will be reduced to raiders with friends.
  11. are we really sure all of rdr map will be in this or not?
  12. Qdeathstar


    Previews are out. Seems like a lot of ums and erms going on. “Fallout 76 isn’t fallout 5. But it does have mouth man, and that’s something” sums up the first impressions pretty well.
  13. Now I remember why I stopped playing video games: 


    was as going to buy forza horizons, but I couldnt remember which password I used in a sea of ever changing passwords, figured that out only to see that Microsoft wouldn’t process PayPal with me any longer because I had to open two disputes over them charging me three times for a single gold membership. Said fuck it, don’t want to bother going downstairs to get the card atm, I’ll just play some fallout 4. 


    Nope, 300mb update needs to be installed. WTF! the game is 4 years old by now, weekly updates definitely are not needed. 


    My hour to to play was already down to thirty minutes and that point and so I said fuck it. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    1. ViceMan


      Doesn't the xbox have an option to download game files while in standby mode like the PS4?

    2. Qdeathstar


      Dunno, it was left on the entire time since I played it last...

  14. For some reason I thought Bain was dead...
  15. happy boyfriends day Brian, hit me up on Snapchat later.

  16. Maybe as dlc, but i highly doubt they are gonna give rdr1 away for free...
  17. I imagine he rather enjoyed touching your pawns....
  18. treefitty could let people post videos if he was inclined.. i tried asking him why he didn’t allow html embedding, but he didn’t say. I would think he could do it, at least for moderators.