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  1. has that martin freeman guy in it so this could be setting up for some real proud americanry
  2. i smoked weed every single day for 6 or so months and intermittently before then. I really can't offer much because I just "stopped". That's me though, I find it easy to drop a lot of habits aside from the ones that are drilled into muscle memory, such as bad posture etc.
  3. Everybody looking forward to pissing hot on monday?
  4. unless you video stream 4hrs a day every day the caps arent noticable Ofc, im paying 99/mo for internet though guess who streams video 4hrs+ a day. meeeeeee!
  5. Bought this last week:
  6. I wouldn't touch plusnet with a 40 foot pole. We were burned once when we were one of ~1k people they booted off because "unmetered" dial up according to them was being abused by us [granted, we used it alot] in 2001. They also had an absolute farce with sensitive emails being completely lost and they didn't have backups, and then the year after the webmail service they used had a trojan built into it.
  7. Its worse elsewhere. I don't know how I'd survive if I had caps like most ISP's in the US put on
  8. Every ISP has peak time caps on browsing, period. From then on it's a case of finding which doesn't use the cheapest [usually the longest] route possible. on TalkTalk I've used tracert and found websites I KNOW are hosted in leeds be bounced around the united states.
  9. TalkTalk are wank. Avoid avoid avoid. "cheapest possible route" is not the word when it comes to the lines they use. They are absolutely god awful. Marney was a cunt but he wasn't lying when he said TalkTalk are crap. Sky... meh, I have family that use them and I've never seen internet as poor. 4AM in the morning, 5PM at night they're both as slow. Peak times don't exist for sky from experience. Just start applying pressure to Virgin, they'll start making changes. Every few years my performance gets a bit crap and when it does I talk about switching etc and it fixes itself pretty sharpish.
  10. dear god no, please don't get any car lowered ever Peugeot 106 are great cars but are now pretty thin on the ground because every chav and their missus got one, lowered it and then drove it like a nob. There is a direct correlation between lowering cars and cars that get fucked in my eyes
  11. Can't stand Fez, I think it's a gimmicky game that gets boring after ten minutes and the creator is an absolute dick [The "French Canadians are just blunt people" shit doesn't fly with me, he is purposefully a very offensive person.] as well so there's that. Braid is an example of a gimmicky game that doesn't get boring and I don't really know why since its essentially the same as Pez, a gimmicky and many puzzles based around it. The creator is an absolute dick also. New Rollercoaster tycoon appears to be on the way for PC and Phones, both are independant of one another but the phone version looks set up to be a pay to win cow clicker. Will probably buy the PC version first day since I put hours upon hours into the first game and it's expansion "loopy landscapes" but have never played a game in the rest of the trilogy.
  12. I make a point to give compliments to people who look a little uneasy, even if its just saying that I like there hoodie or s/t [especially if its baggy, I really like big baggy hoodies] because I know the effect it has on those types of people [from self experience] so you can probably fill in how that comment made me feel. I also bought this today, imagine a tall chubby guy in a comic book store sweating nervously trying to get up the confidence to go to the counter to buy this, in the end the lady at the counter saw the game I had sticking out of my coat pocket and made light conversation about how much she loved it and how I'd missed out not playing it already. Anxiety is a bitch. I haven't played much of World, but I played the heck out of Warcraft 3 and the expansion and love Arthas, so I had to have it. I also finally built up the mega bloks playset I got something like a year and a half ago so I'll take pics of that tomorrow.
  13. Not too fussed with the miller comparison, he's one of the few bright lights over at ign, i'm very plain looking though, which i kind of like since it lets you not stand out as much. I like to stand out as a result of the work I put in. Also lets you blend into a crowd better... thanks for quoting that bro, when I inevitably delete it [like I do all my images, self image issues are a bitch] its there furever
  14. i was very excited for wrestlemania
  15. For postal 2 theres two achievements, one is Anustart which is beat the game without killing anybody, and the other is 40 year old virgin which is ebat the game in less than 1hr 30mins. I wasn't even going for the latter but did it anyway to my surprise! Bearing in mind this is non-TAS, no cheats [it locks achievements] etc.