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  1. Law

    Seek a proper lawyer on both counts. The law could differ state to state and if he does a bunk and the police come looking you may well have been harboring a fugitive. A decent lawyer should cost between $200-$250/hr. Specialized will be more. Are you running background checks on your tenants? How didn't this turn up earlier?
  2. QFT. Too many people get wayyy too wrapped up in these relationships. If somebody dying in a zombie show is difficult to watch following you shouldn't watch. Nobody in the core group is off limits at this point (both comics and tv show), and that includes Rick and Carl.
  3. More than worth it, that and so the comic book fans got (predictably) riled up only to slap them down was fantastic. +1 for the liveleak special. I've seen IS videos that werent as graphic
  4. has that martin freeman guy in it so this could be setting up for some real proud americanry
  5. fuck yeah saw the new spiderman today, great movie

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    2. gtagrl


      I'd fuck Captain America. :fap:

    3. Bronson


      I'd fuck Gwen Stacy :fap:

    4. Massacre


      Captain America was pretty perfect. There was nothing I wasn't happy with. The mid-credits scene was one of the best they've done in a Marvel movie.

  6. i smoked weed every single day for 6 or so months and intermittently before then. I really can't offer much because I just "stopped". That's me though, I find it easy to drop a lot of habits aside from the ones that are drilled into muscle memory, such as bad posture etc.
  7. Everybody looking forward to pissing hot on monday?
  8. unless you video stream 4hrs a day every day the caps arent noticable Ofc, im paying 99/mo for internet though guess who streams video 4hrs+ a day. meeeeeee!
  9. Bought this last week:
  10. I wouldn't touch plusnet with a 40 foot pole. We were burned once when we were one of ~1k people they booted off because "unmetered" dial up according to them was being abused by us [granted, we used it alot] in 2001. They also had an absolute farce with sensitive emails being completely lost and they didn't have backups, and then the year after the webmail service they used had a trojan built into it.
  11. Its worse elsewhere. I don't know how I'd survive if I had caps like most ISP's in the US put on
  12. Every ISP has peak time caps on browsing, period. From then on it's a case of finding which doesn't use the cheapest [usually the longest] route possible. on TalkTalk I've used tracert and found websites I KNOW are hosted in leeds be bounced around the united states.