which tv show character are you most like?

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hello and welc to another thread.

the title says which tv show character are you most like so you can think of the tv show character you are most like and then comment it. it has to be at least a bit realistic so dont worry if its funny.

ill begin: (you can also suggest which members you think would be like in real life but youre not forced to)

jesse pinkman's little brother, from amc's breaking bad


why i am like him: we are both smart and more cognitively capable than more people we also both like and respect jesse (our big brother who cooks methamphetamine for a living) and we also both play a musical instrument the only difference is i am older than him so a bit better.

so its your turn. x

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Probably an amalgamation of the following:

I have Hyde's laid back approach to life but I do get quite angry at times (and at times his habit), but I have the social anxiety of Abed, and when comfortable, the humor of Ken.

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True story.

My buddy Tommy, named himself after the green ranger.

He is Asian and his real name is Asian as fuck. Or I have to assume because after 4 years of bugging him to tell me his real name, he wont. But yah, back when he was a little kid like how they do a lot, they choose a white person name at school to fit in. So the other kids dont make fun or some shit. His parent let him pick whatever he wanted, he loved the green ranger from the TV show so he called himself Tommy.

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Edgington is the shit. One of my favorite characters.

Season 5 spoiler...

Shame they stake him in the finale

The way he died was so anti-climatic, what a waste. Next season has new writers so hopefully they revive him somehow, I personally wouldn't mind it as long as he got a better send off.

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I really can't think of a TV show character I am most like...well, wait....

Anakin Skywalker.

More of the movie portrayal though.

I'm passionate and I let my emotions get the better of me usually.

Back home, I had(still have) a friend. People compared me and him to Obi-Wan and Anakin. He would be the more level headed, where I would be as previously described.

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