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  1. What is it with people on this forum and worms? Every five minutes I see someone open a can of one...
  2. I don't know where you're from, but you're wrong . Your link supports my contention. They all say "no penalty" for less than 2 ounces. I rarely move around with more than two ounces on me (in fact, I rarely move around with more than 2 grams on me..), if I did there's a very minuscule chance of me being stopped and searched, and if they did catch me they probably wouldn't fine me. Thus we can conclude that fines occur in a very, very small number of cases and are only for a few hundred dollars anyway. Where as taxes on weed (which would be 10+ percent) would rake in large amounts each month. Of course weed legalisation would be a fiscal plus.
  3. Most places don't even fine people for weed possession, barring large amounts. Have no idea where you are getting this.
  4. Holy shit that was the gayest thing I've ever seen!
  5. I got the name Skinny from a character in Step Up (the first one). I didn't really like the name or relate to the character, nor did I particularly enjoy the movie, so I don't know what I was thinking.
  6. Russell Edgington from True Blood, because I'm actually a hedonistic, southern, 3000 year old, blood drinking gay man. The state of Mississippi just declared me their king for some reason, so that helps.
  7. Yeah, first I have to tell Packie we can't hang out and he guilt trips me, then a car a car magically appears behind me and knocks me to the floor! It's tough being Niko Bellic.