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Hmm what did I eat today.

for lunch.. Sweet fire marinated beets.. A turkey, Brie and cranberry sandwich on dark wheat hoagie with wasabi seaweed on the side..

For dinner... Caesar salad, beet salad, pesto pasta salad, sushi, sopas, a taco, hummus & pita, a BBQ rib, fried chicken, fried shrimp, honey baked ham, Chinese broccoli, american broccoli, creamed spinach, Mac n cheese, pepperoni pizza, pepperoni and spinach calzone, Thai noodles, antipasto, bacon cheddar grits, corn, a spring roll, sweet n sour chicken, meatballs, cheese ravioli, chicken cacciatore, potato salad, honey chicken, general tso chicken, fried catfish, tilapia, sausage w/ peppers, Brussels sprouts, pecan sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, followed by mango chocolate tart, cranberry walnut cheesecake, a brownie, a cannoli, bread pudding and a scoop of chocolate gelato with caramel sauce.

I definitely missed some items but fuck it.

Fuck. Free buffet coupon + blunt = happy Analog.

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Found a Canadian deli in Auckland!!

Had lunch there today. Poutine with Montreal-smoked brisket, followed by moose ears (which my canadian friend says are called beavers tails in Canada) washed down with a Kokanee...


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Perfect - I was going to say the best topping is lemon and cinnamon sugar! (Y)

Sounds like you had a pretty authentic taste of the weird local cuisine. We have a 'poutinerie' where you can get all sorts of goodies on top of your poutine...pulled pork and bacon is the best. Not a meal you can have every day, though.

Kokanee's not a bad beer, either, it wouldn't be the first thing I'd serve you as an example of a top Canadian beer, but a crisp, clean option. I'm surprised you have any Canadian beer at all down there.

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Kokanee is from out west in Alberta, Moosehead isn't bad either, it's made out east near me, and Molson Canadian's the cheap stuff you can guzzle at parties or by the campfire. All three are more or less the same, not top shelf stuff but certainly cold and wet. :lol:

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