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  1. Alot of you guys are right about cheats that should return I think they should put spit if them cheats back in because gta4 was so plain and boring they really need to put riots,flying car's,etc. Because seeing that realistic car fling then crashing into a tree or building would be fucking awesome like no lie and the pedestrians going crazy and shooting at each other that would be amazing too so if anyone agrees leave a reply and saying what cheats you like to see..... O_O
  2. I See What Your Going For Here I Would Like The Same Too But How They Put Clothes On The Shelves And Hangers So I Dont Have To Go Through A Big List Just Sections Also Change Colors Of The Clothes.
  3. I Think The Cops Should Be More Realistic And Use More Force Because It Would Make A Better Challenge. Before On Gta4 i Could Sit There For Hours With 6 Stars Killing Cops, It Got Boring As Hell But, If You Assist On Arrest You Should'nt Get Shot Down. They Should Chase You Or At Least Untill They Really Fu** Up Your Car if your in high speed chase get away also.
  4. I would like to see CJ and niko return with people from previous grand theft autos
  5. I think we should be able to buy cars,house items for earned houses,music,phones,bikes,and last guns.
  6. My theory is that i think they might have music stores to go to and buy songs from different artist like 50 cent,eminem,lil wayne,tyga and other famous singers but when you look in the songs you pick the singer and you can pick up to a certain amount of songs or they will let you use your music in your ps3 to listen to in your car or house.
  7. I think that you should be able to automaticly get a garage when you get a house from like your mission and the garage you can upgrade the car capacity with money so you can hold up to like 50 or lower cars or other vehicles and the garage should be able to have like a little drive way on the side of the house or like a drive way leading to the garage and the garage should be under the house
  8. Hey guys i would like some comments on this.But do you guys think we should be able to buy houses which we probably can multiple houses we can own but i think we should be able to customize our house how we want and if we get a house with a garage we should be able to increase the size and upgrade how many cars you can space in it but when you put cars in the garage its not like Saints Row 3 where you use the arrows to choose,you go in and just walk to your car and drive out. But with the car situation if you drive the car you choose from your garage if you die or blow up the car it should be returned to your garage but you have to pay for the damage that was dealed. Also you should be able to buy boats,helicopters and other vehicle. (Thank You Guys for listening) Im a ps3 fan so add me if you would like (xFaMoUsx--sKiLLz)
  9. i hope the plane crashing is realistic like if your plane gets hit it does beeping and it takes you a derection that it ingered on and if you hit a building you atamaticly blow up and the rekage is still there when you come out of the hospital.
  10. Im looking for regular every day things in gta5 from real life
  11. I think they should make buyable houses,car stores,motor cycle stores,Penthouses,regular houses,apartments,city town houses,companys and other regular things you could buy.Also you should be able to get house appliances like tv's couches and other things like that so you could customize your homes you buy but you got to pay a house company to pickup your bought appliances and they take them to your house and you get to customize it your way and the rest you put in storage.
  12. I think they should do a realistic car DLC with Lambo's Ferrari's and other nice and real cars also little fun with a super speed button setup for controller for the cars also with creative mode so you can make a custom map so you can mess around and play custom maps with friends and offline play with motor cycles and bmx bikes to do stunts.And for my other idea they should do a extra cheats DLC like God Mode,Unlimited Ammo,Car Fly Mode,Fly Mode for player only,War Mode for alot of killing in the city with two opisite teams Good and Bad,Super car mode so your car could have super strengh against any other car like trucks and heavy vehicles so you could smash into them and make them go flying in the air without your car being damaged a little bit.And Zombie Mode for zombie city for online play and offline play.And one last thing a super weapon DLC like a atomic grenade that will vaperize anything in the ratious,alinaniser gun to make people alians,and a hidden nuke location to set off for awsome exslosion. I think my earliar topics for DLC on GTA5 were nice ideas so i thought of some more they should have a pack that gives the player a chemical warfare mode where you got to a war area in Washington DC while the state is under attack. Also a tron pck were the texture of the world is tron themed with the motor cycles and cars and planes. Send me messages if you like or dislike my ideas. Yo hopefully rockstar see's these ideas and maybe puts them in the stores