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  1. My last ex-girlfriend had a tongue piercing... it was great.
  2. Ah that's really good. Hopefully you're right about the microtransactions. Definitely, a game I'd pick up otherwise.
  3. Indy


    Let me know how it goes, you just need the right type of screwdriver.
  4. Yeah I might do dips to failure after my chest workout. Chest day takes so long, so I normally get bored and leave before I hit the arms!
  5. My leg press is about 400 lbs 4x8, trying to get that to 440. But I've seen dudes in the gym hit something ridiculous like 700 lbs! Insane stuff, although most of these guys just look fat.
  6. Sure why not. Started going to the gym again after about a 3 year hiatus! Went from 183 lbs to 192 lbs of mostly clean bulk in about 8 weeks. But the 2 weeks of winter festivities has pushed me to 197 lbs, and the extra 5 lbs is mostly fat! I'm trying to get my bench to 220, but I'm on about 175 lbs at the moment. I think i can probably do 200 lbs as my 1 rep max. But I'm quite impressed, I remember I used to struggle with 110 lbs when I first began!!! My squat is about 175 lbs on 5x5 Deadlift is 250 lbs 5x5 I normally do a 4 day split: Chest/Biceps, Back, Legs, Shoulders/Triceps Biceps normally gets neglected because I've noticed them getting bigger without doing too much. I'm a strong believer in working out large muscle groups to stimulate as much growth hormone as possible. I think i'm starting to max out my beginner gains, but luckily i'm quite a big build naturally so it's not too bad. Come February I think i'll start a 6 week cutting phase, and then re-assess. I'm at about 13-14% body fat, but that's mostly due to central fat. My legs are at about 12% and my arms are 7%, so my fat tummy is keeping me down. I'd love to make the push and finally get them abs! Work is starting to get in the way now though, I have a 12 hour shift some days, and I don't like working out on weekends.
  7. Indy


    Thanks dozy, had a nightmare last night that Councilman Carcetti was chasing me with a knife.
  8. I love wine. Have a new found obsession with Argentinian Malbec's, perfect with food.
  9. Indy


    Dozy, my brother had this problem on his PS4. We took off the cover and tightened one of the screws, hasn't been a problem since. You basically have to do this, but instead of loosening the screw, tighten it: Here's another walkthrough: Also, it doesn't void your warranty because you're only removing the superficial cover.
  10. Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/ Her infinite variety... - Shakespeare
  11. Ah we should actually do something, now that I have a legitimate IRL excuse to go to Kent... instead of being JUST your internet stalker. Maybe when the weather warms up a little. Although I do need an excuse to wear my new long coat.
  12. Just finished reading Gone Girl... I know, the hype caught up to me. I thought the book was mediocre at best. The concept was interesting, but as with many whodunnit novels, I only kept reading to finish the book. It didn't capture me much. And also, the protagonist reminded me of myself too much, and he was a bit of an asshole. Any recommendations?
  13. My girlfriend (I know, sorry), lives in Kent. I can't believe they charged me £2 to use a bridge! We went to Bluewater Shopping Centre. It's a nice place actually, I'm sure I'll have to be there more often now.
  14. Indy

    Far Cry Series

    I've never played Farcry before, so is this worth getting? I do enjoy first person games and open world. Bethesda style
  15. Don't know how it is in the states, but we often move patients onto other wards if the current one is full. They're called outliers. But it's good to know that it's all resolved. Although, foot care in diabetics is so important I cannot stress it. Needs to check her feet daily for any damage as she won't feel anything due to the neuropathy. In terms of the blood pressure, top number is systolic and represents pressure during the ejection phase of your heart beat. Bottom pressure is diastolic and represents the pressure during filling of the heart. It should be less than 120/80 ideally, it will raise normally in certain conditions. You probably had some white coat syndrome, causes raise in BP and heart rate. Any heart rate below 100 is okay. QD, you should seek medical attention. Or preferably just take a picture and let us admire it.
  16. Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety - Shakespeare
  17. This has been an awful year for gaming. The best games I played this year were all remastered for next gen...
  18. Indy

    Mobile Devices

    I'm sure you have contract prices in England that dramatically reduce the price to something like $199, $299, $399, etc. I'll keep saying it, after a year or two if you want to upgrade to a newer iPhone, I've gotten all my money back, if not more which went to the newer model by selling it. You can go with the cheap plastic phone with upgrades that are periodic and random (I still like the Android OS, my grandpa had an HTC before switching to the iPhone and I thought it was really cool) or a quality built phone with yearly scheduled updates and regular bug fixes. I don't want to get into long term contracts. I'm a dirty foreigner, there is no way I'm signing a 2 year contract to own a phone, I might fuck off to Malta in a week for all I know. Fucking immigrants Anyway, would just like to add that iPhone definitely has a better music player than my Xperia. There are a few features that I miss. But I still can't see myself going back.
  19. Indy

    Mobile Devices

    I've had the iPhone 4 and 5, but I feel that upgrading iPhone just doesn't feel like an upgrade. Don't get me wrong, they're great phones and very safe options. You know you're always going to get an excellent product. This time around I bought the Sony experia Z3 and I have no regrets. It's an amazing phone. I can use it underwater! I can download torrents on the bus, i can play my PS4 in the shower... Amazing camera too. I'm glad I've switched to android, i can't see myself going back to iPhone.
  20. European petrol prices are roughly twice that compared to the US
  21. Dayum boy, I'll message you next time I'm in London. Hugs n kisses. Cuda, anytime you're in London. Let me know, I'll bring the vodka.
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    Thanks, Dup. I will definitely try some of that stuff out, won't be able to play this week because of no internet though
  23. I don't know much about cars tyres etc., but i'm thinking chrome, tire to rim style. The bigger the better lol The masserati is good, I've been driving around my moms Citreon C3... doesn't seem to make as much impact.