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  1. PR exam, you gotta love that shit

  2. At the moment, this game is pretty much the main reason for me wanting to go next-gen. It looks amazing.
  3. Indy


    So I completely missed this game at E3. Watch the trailer, it looks pretty fun. Titanfall So here's to hoping it comes to PS4.
  4. This is long, but I love it and definitely worth a read to any of those who support aestheticism. “What is the use of beauty in woman? Provided a woman is physically well made and capable of bearing children, she will always be good enough in the opinion of economists. What is the use of music? -- of painting? Who would be fool enough nowadays to prefer Mozart to Carrel, Michael Angelo to the inventor of white mustard? There is nothing really beautiful save what is of no possible use. Everything useful is ugly, for it expresses a need, and man's needs are low and disgusting, like his own poor, wretched nature. The most useful place in a house is the water-closet. For my part, saving these gentry's presence, I am of those to whom superfluities are necessaries, and I am fond of things and people in inverse ratio to the service they render me. I prefer a Chinese vase with its mandarins and dragons, which is perfectly useless to me, to a utensil which I do use, and the particular talent of mine which I set most store by is that which enables me not to guess logogriphs and charades. I would very willingly renounce my rights as a Frenchman and a citizen for the sight of an undoubted painting by Raphael, or of a beautiful nude woman, -- Princess Borghese, for instance, when she posed for Canova, or Julia Grisi when she is entering her bath. I would most willingly consent to the return of that cannibal, Charles X., if he brought me, from his residence in Bohemia, a case of Tokai or Johannisberg; and the electoral laws would be quite liberal enough, to my mind, were some of our streets broader and some other things less broad. Though I am not a dilettante, I prefer the sound of a poor fiddle and tambourines to that of the Speaker's bell. I would sell my breeches for a ring, and my bread for jam. The occupation which best befits civilized man seems to me to be idleness or analytically smoking a pipe or cigar. I think highly of those who play skittles, and also of those who write verse. You may perceive that my principles are not utilitarian, and that I shall never be the editor of a virtuous paper, unless I am converted, which would be very comical. Instead of founding a Monthyon prize for the reward of virtue, I would rather bestow -- like Sardanapalus, that great, misunderstood philosopher -- a large reward to him who should invent a new pleasure; for to me enjoyment seems to be the end of life and the only useful thing on this earth. God willed it to be so, for he created women, perfumes, light, lovely flowers, good wine, spirited horses, lapdogs, and Angora cats; for He did not say to his angels, 'Be virtuous,' but, 'Love,' and gave us lips more sensitive than the rest of the skin that we might kiss women, eyes looking upward that we might behold the light, a subtile sense of smell that we might breathe in the soul of the flowers, muscular limbs that we might press the flanks of stallions and fly swift as thought without railway or steam-kettle, delicate hands that we might stroke the long heads of greyhounds, the velvety fur of cats, and the polished shoulder of not very virtuous creatures, and, finally, granted to us alone the triple and glorious privilege of drinking without being thirsty, striking fire, and making love in all seasons, whereby we are very much more distinguished from brutes than by the custom of reading newspapers and framing constitutions.” ― Théophile Gautier, Mademoiselle de Maupin
  5. Dude, Brown sauce, Ketchup, Mayo, Chilli sauce and BBQ sauce all together on anything, because fuck common sense (and taste buds).
  6. That's actually a pretty cool story.
  7. The most beautiful words I've ever read (and re-read countless times), by E.E. Cummings. Most simply put, I believe he's trying to say that "you are my everything". But it's the desperate manner and the intimacy of the words that makes them so immeasurable! Almost as if his love is no longer something he wants, but rather a necessity of his existence. Amazing, on so many levels. Yours is the light by which my spirit's born: Yours is the darkness of my soul's return, - You are my sun, my moon, and my stars (Also, read it to the backdrop of Einaudi's I Giorni)
  8. Remove the s after http, keep it in media tags
  9. Man with 10 stone testicles (South Park IRL):
  10. Indy

    XBOX One

    The PS4 is obviously more powerful judging by comparisons of both systems specs. Which means that all Exclusives for the PS4 should look better than the X1's Exclusives. And if you go by cross-platform games, the PS4 will be held back by the Xbox One. Unless of course there are advanced graphics settings for games this generation ( like there already is for PC games right now ), this would let the PS4 add extra visual effects to the game like; better HDR ( light bloom ), distortion effects, more advanced texture filtering/ quality, better particle effects, better shader models, better shadows, tessellation etc. Hopefully with more advanced settings options like these, cross-platform games will not be held back graphically by the X1. But this could end up being expensive, and most Developers might not bother incurring extra costs just too please PS4 gamers. So therefore if everything is equal the game will be made to the standards of the more sub-par console ( I.E. The Xbox One ), limiting the potential of cross-platform games on the PS4... Hopefully, since PS4 is more developer-friendly than its predecessor, PS4 won't be getting crappy Xbox ports. I think there will be marked differences between the consoles in terms of graphics on cross-platform games. Exclusives will obviously look much better though!
  11. Indy

    XBOX One

    I like the gimmick, as long as they don't try to force me to use that shit. I like the idea of being able to talk to my console to get it to do shit, probably won't work but to hell with it. We need something new. What's my one rule? New is always good.
  12. Indy

    Mad Max

    One of my favourite aspects of Mad Max was the loneliness of being in a desolate and sparse land. Unfortunately, this doesn't make for great gaming. I wonder how they will address these issues, it can definitely be done (a la Fallout).
  13. Indy

    XBOX One

    I don't know why everyone is complaining about Kinect 2.0, I thought it was the ONLY good thing about XboxOne. Everything else XboxOne has, PS4 just does better. I wouldn't mind a PS4 that came with Kinect 2.0, I would pay the XboxOne price for that. But that's just me.
  14. You know your shit is fucked up when you're signing up for medical trials... sigh

    1. Brian


      But you get mad dough doe

    2. GunSmith


      Not sure if that justifies cancer of the scrotum in three years...

    3. Indy


      They're testing an anti-cancer drug, so it'd be like i'm helping the world and shit.

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  15. Indy

    XBOX One

    So this was the statement that I read. Seems like they're doing it the Xbox 360 way. I suppose like you guys are saying, it seems a little weak on their behalf. Even without all those things, I'm still going for the PS4. Hopefully they've learnt their lesson.
  16. So I thought I'd make a topic about any poetry, lyrics or quotes that you love. Especially ones that carry great meaning, or are of particular significance to you. Perhaps you'll read something you really like here and carry it forth with you. I'll start off with some of my own favourites, but please feel free to add your own, even if it is your own work! "Trust your heart if the seas catch fire, live by love though the stars walk backward." - E.E. Cummings It basically means; trust your heart no matter what, even if the signs are saying otherwise. "Everyone has an addiction, mine happens to be you." - Andre 3000 "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius "Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp
  17. The genius of the director to juxtapose the beautiful kiss and the violent face stomp, completely dissecting the scene into two extremities! And even going as far as to do the face stomp in the exact same place as the kiss. The light dimming when he kissed her, causing us to question whether the kiss was an abstract of his mind, separate from reality. The scene itself represents a microcosm of the entire movie; highlighting the two conflicting personas of the protagonist. Thus further questioning whether he was an unlikely hero or simply psychotic. And not a single goddamn word was spoken! THAT, is the beauty of cinematography.
  18. Drive. 9/10 This is one of the greatest scenes ever made, a masterpiece.
  19. This game has blown my mind.
  20. Makes your pee smell. So exams are nearly here, it's time for tramp mode and a freezer stocked with pizza.
  21. I got 99 problems an' they all bitches

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      Weird, I have 99 bitches and a problem ain't one.

    2. Brian


      That's a lot of a dogs.

    3. Ku Zi Mu
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  22. Indy


    You'd have to be a real MS fanboy to think the Xbox One can compete with PS4. I literally cannot see anything the Xbox One does better, in terms of gaming.