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  1. I'm pretty sure I developed atrial fibrillation during the last 20 minutes of that episode. My love for GoT is back.
  2. I sometimes replace my burger buns with portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese (that low-carb life), it's amazing.
  3. I want this game so badly, but have to wait at least 2 months so that I can study. This would single-handedly fail me.
  4. Wrap asparagus in bacon and grill it. Wrap anything in bacon and grill it...
  5. Indy

    Just Cause

    Looks really good. The only problem I had with the last game was that they created a massive map, but the entire thing felt empty. I'm not sure how you resolve that, but I hope they do. Although I'm sure I will get this game regardless. Mostly because there are just so few next-gen games that appeal to me.
  6. Suits are awesome, three-piece or two piece, ties are awesome, pocket squares, double cuff shirts, all of it! I encourage everyone to wear a suit, wherever possible.
  7. Indy

    Mobile Devices

    I have the Sony Xperia Z3. Great phone. I use it in the shower to take dik pics /waterproof
  8. Why do you think you feel depressed?
  9. Try alternating your grip I suppose, it can be hard especially if you're used to using a certain grip. Or use straps, they're great!
  10. Is it one or both forearms? And do you alternate your (alternate) grip between sets?
  11. Try using wraps, they give you a good pull on the bar and less strain on your forearm.
  12. Benched 100 kg (220 lbs) for the first time last week. I can only do 1-2 reps, but I've been aiming for this benchmark since I began gym in October, which was the first time I'd ever bench pressed. I'm pleased to be making progress.
  13. Don't smoke weed. I know a young gentleman who is now Schizophrenic/schizophreniform as a result. Sleep deprivation and a combination of low mood can contribute to all of those signs. The only thing you've described is low concentration and mood. So get enough sleep and see how you feel. Try to do some of the things you normally enjoy.
  14. Discovered how to upload photos today. Leaf salad with 5 fish fillets. I tried to make each one differently to see what I preferred.
  15. Indy


    This is pretty much Dark Souls next-gen. Identical gameplay, mechanics, environments and ambiance. Not a bad thing though, I really enjoyed that game... Just kidding, I wanted to kill myself every 2 minutes. I'm pretty sure I went through depression because of Dark Souls. They should bundle this game with Citalopram.
  16. Yeah I've looked at it before, from my understanding there are a few variations but not sure if I can do it. I've seen the 16 hour overnight fast (basically skip breakfast), and the 5:2 fast (2 days <500 calories). Not sure if I can physically do it though. Which is why I'm just trying intermittent carb-only fasting (6:1). It's all about experimenting and seeing what works for you I suppose. The science behind dieting and exercise is sketchy most of the time.
  17. I've been trying to go very low carb diet, just to see if it'll help cutting and whether I can sustain it or not. This is roughly my plan for tomorrow: Meal 1: Americano, 2 scoop protein shake Meal 2 + 3: 500g chicken, 100g mixed leaf salad, 30g low fat cheese, 30g light mayonnaise, mixed together and seasoned with Tabasco sauce. Gym Meal 4: 2 scoop protein shake Meal 5: 336g tuna, 100g brocolli Meal 6: 1 whole egg, 5 egg whites, 30g low fat cheese
  18. Indy

    The Order 1886

    Looks beautiful. Is it open world, is there any multiplayer, or is it a linear narrative?
  19. You're both experiencing 'delayed-onset muscle soreness' (DOMS). I personally tend to feel it most 2 days after a workout. However, the more you go to the gym the less you'll experience it. It'll come back if you take a break from the gym, start doing different exercises, or increase the intensity of your workout. With the deadlift, it's a full compound exercise so you'll feel it in a lot of muscle groups. Just make sure your form is good, have someone check it for you. I know that my form starts to go when I fatigue, so I have to be more conscious. Not sure why you'd feel it in your chest, might be from another exercise.
  20. It's good that you take such great care of your car Brian. Mine is kind of disgusting right now, it needs to be cleaned on the outside. In fact, I had a dream that I got my car cleaned, that's how much I think about it lol
  21. Indy

    The Last of Us

    Finally finished this game, including the DLC (which was quite short). On reflection, this is probably the best story told in a game. The execution of story and the likability of the two protagonists, as well as their character development throughout the game was the pinnacle of a masterpiece. The game play itself was very good, and I enjoyed the juxtaposition of calmness to chaos. However, I found the perfectionist in me kept wanting to replay encounters to reserve the scarce resources. Although, the game became more enjoyable once I stopped caring about any of that and just shotgunned or bow an arrow'd anything in my way, with tact of course. Overall, brilliant.
  22. Got my deadlift to 120 kg (~265 lbs). Next target is three plates (140 kg/ ~310 lbs) on my 5x5. Not sure if I should go up in 2.5 kg increments, or 5 kg. per week. I only deadlift once a week, so thinking the former. Gonna start cutting from next week, the worst part of life. Any tips?