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    What a great game. You're all right about the OCD though, I'm starting to pick and choose what crap to take now. Just can't be bothered continuously going back and forth. I've build somewhat of a stronghold at Sanctuary. Gate at the front, two sentry's on the pillars, a guard tower, and I've build a wall with the bridge behind it and a staircase, essentially allowing you to man the wall. The creative people are going to love this. In terms of Sniper, I kinda just build my own using the .308 pistol. Once thing I must applaud about this game, the FPS shooting actually works. I hardly ever use VATS. I have about 800 .38 bullets and I just modified my pistol to a quick fire. So far I can kill raiders and ghouls with relative ease. I ended up clearing all of the Corvega assembly plant with a shotgun! And in case you miss it, there's a gated area at the back with a bunker. Go there and you'll get an interesting radio signal. Question: Protectron personality, I tried changing to Subway Steward since I had a subway token, but he didn't recognize it! I thought it would be a smart way to clear out the Super Duper Mart, but couldn't get it to work.
  2. I have a question for the more culinary able folk: I often make paprika-flavored parsnip and sweet potato oven-baked chips (fries for you americans, although they're not fried), as a healthier alternative to fries. But the process of cutting all the parsnips and sweet potatoes can be quite long. So tomorrow I plan on cutting all of them at the same time in one go. Can I freeze the cut chips, and oven-bake them straight from frozen without losing the nice crispy texture?
  3. I'm currently level 21 in the game and just hit Skellige. I've done almost everything there is to do in Valen and Novigrad. My build is heavily sign focused, Quen is pretty much OP right now. I think an alchemy build would be good, I love the idea of having to prepare for a battle to maximize my chances of winning. Although right now I run in with Quen, drop a Yrden and I'm good. Might take a while off the game though, getting a bit repetitive and overwhelming for my methodical play style! I'm a massive fan of Gwent by the way. My Northern Realms card collection is pretty solid, and I have a few good tactics to beat my opponents. E.g. Biting frost, play a series of close combat cards, watch my opponent pass the round after they think they've beaten me. Then use my leader ability to clear the weather and win the round!
  4. Indy

    Mad Max

    Well I got it for £37.99 off Amazon, not cheap but not as expensive as some games which can go up to £50. I had finished Far Cry 4 which was a pretty short game really so I wanted something to pass the time until Fallout. The northern part of the map reminds me of New Vegas somewhat and the Buzzard faction members look like the Ghost People from Dead Money. Far Cry 4 took me so long! I pretty much 100%'d it though.
  5. Indy

    Mad Max

    I'll probably pick it up when it's cheaper, as with MGSV
  6. This guy pretty much summed up my experience with The Witcher 3, Skyrim and Far Cry, as well as my fear of MGS5. I think as an OCD, perfectionist, completionist etc., these massive open world games can become seriously overwhelming and repetitive as my play style is quite meticulous, methodical and structured. I like to 'complete' areas before moving on. It's hard to explain, but I get bored of games quickly as a result.
  7. Tesla P85D... a glimpse into the future.
  8. Trojan horse tactics sound brilliant. It's like best of both worlds!
  9. I was quite happy with my Windows 7, especially coming off the back of Vista. But I've got for 10 anyway, haven't tried it much but I like the UI.
  10. Rest it, Ibuprofen oral and diclofenac gel. Should resolve over the week.
  11. I should read this before parenthood.
  12. I'm not very good at stealth. I can do parts of games with stealth and I enjoy Assassin's Creed, but there's something about murdering everyone that I enjoy too much. Can I play the game like this?
  13. This game seems to be scoring perfect scores all over the internet. I wasn't really a big fan of Ground Zero. So I honestly don't know if I will enjoy this game, which is sad because it seems brilliant. I might pick it up next year sometime for cheap. Initial impressions?
  14. "Tell me who admires and loves you, and I will tell you who you are." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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    Between Fallout and Skyrim I must've clocked about 500+ hours... and I never completed either storyline
  16. Indy


    There's no depth to the game. It's fun for about a week.
  17. If it's not red, painful, itchy, affecting your vision, and there are no lumps on or inside your eyelid - it's most likely nothing serious. I would do as Gtagrl said. Your pillow covers may need to be changed. Wash your hands regularly because rubbing one eye and then the other can spread infection. Excess sweat from working out can also affect your eyes so bare that in mind. Just all the usual common sense things. Even if it is conjunctivitis, it will resolve itself.
  18. Indy


    I think this is the first next-gen game I have genuine hype over. I find that every 3-4 years I start to lose interest in gaming, and then Bethesda do some shit like this.
  19. I'm so bad at stealth. Why do they have to rank me and make me feel bad about it
  20. Indy

    Mobile Devices

    I dunno, doesn't seem much greater than my Sony Xperia Z3, and that's almost 9 months old. I find that the camera quality is not really much of an issue, the software the phone uses normally makes the greatest difference. And it's also water/dust proof, and you can play your PS4 on it.
  21. This looks so epic. Not sure about the dark zones though, I have a feeling chaos will ensue. I can't trust any of my friends with loot, the damn whores.
  22. I'm hoping our beloved deceased returns as a white walker king. Am I the only one rooting for the white walkers?!
  23. Indy

    The Last of Us

    I love the ending. It's human. (Joel isn't Batman).
  24. I really want this game remastered for next-gen. Probably more than I want a new Elder Scrolls. I only got about 200 hours of gameplay into my xbox 360 version, and there was still SO much I hadn't done.