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  1. I think the general consensus is a location loosely based on SA with a focus on Las Vegas. I wonder if R* will surprise the shit out of us?
  2. San Andreas. Makes my dick tingle.
  3. Its the snares that really make it sound IVesque
  4. This could be similar to The Godfather II, where you see the story of his father and then his own develop. But, difference here is that The Godfather II is a sequel, and the previous movie is very much required to tell the story of the second. Although, R* are known for taking influence from movies.
  5. I really doubt i'd like multiple protagonists, hope it's not true. Saying that, i'm sure R* would make it awesome anyway.
  6. When you compare Liberty City from GTA III and IV, they're completely different. No doubt R* would do the same to San Andreas.
  7. In all fairness, the gameplay mechanics were a complete improvement from SA. They'll no doubt refine it further, as with all games.
  8. I think most of the hype around GTA is just knowing where the fuck it will be!
  9. I didn't actually watch a single show in IV. And i've completed it about 3 times, once at 100%. But I suppose it's not for everyone, although if I were to watch it; would have to be Kevin Hart.
  10. I'm sure this time they won't just do a massive city like GTA IV.
  11. I'm walkin' around my flat with a boner Also, I thought they only numbered the GTAs that used new engines?
  12. Tbh I can't see myself getting it before Skyrim, and then I don't know when i'll have time after that. But we'll see.
  13. Source So, I would definitely like to see a new console, but I feel that they were just starting to get the best out of the current hardware. I suppose we will have to see if this is even true, because I do recall both Sony and Microsoft claiming a life span of 10 years for their consoles, at the moment they're only about 6 years old.
  14. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia kinda reminds me how we treat each other here... like shit
  15. Dude, I feel exactly the same way, so many games that I need to catch up on as well! Still haven't played SR2 or Assassins Creed Brotherhood I suppose it's only like this because most major releases are at the end of the year. As soon as the gaming drought hits though, we'll be able to make up for lost ground.
  16. You should all watch Suits. It's like House, but for lawyers. Best law show i've watched, none of that boring bullshit.
  17. I've been watching this recently after a friend got me into it. I'm coming to the end of season 3, its a good series but I find it hard to like any of the characters except for the DEA brother-in-law,
  18. I've just bought Arkham Asylum, its quite cheap now. So i'll get Arkham City next year sometime, along with a few other single-player games that i've been meaning to play.