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  1. @Ku Christ. Bite much? Didn't realize it was so easy to get a reaction off of someone. Brilliant.
  2. Even though Carroll has been shit this season personally i think he'd do better. Crouch can only score when against shit teams like trinidad. Carroll deserves a chance, just hope him and Downing don't play together, infact Downing shouldn't play at all. Worst signing for Liverpool since Salif Diao. Personally i'd have Sturridge, Jagielka, Smalling, and Adam Johnson instead of Defoe, Terry, Downing and Lampard. Happy to see Stevie G's got the armband aswell. Edit: King Kenny's reign has ended, finally.
  3. Yellow Light of death! Bollocks!

    1. ViceMan


      I had my old one since Aug '06 or sometime thereabouts. Died last month.

    2. Crazee


      Mine was one of the originals too. Poor thing. It lasted a fucking long time considering i never once cleaned it and it was on atleast 5 hours a day, everyday.

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  4. All of them were brilliant when they first came out to me. Haven't really got a favorite, spent the most time playing San Andreas but wouldn't spend 2 minutes on it now.
  5. craze adj. Crazy, wild, out of control. From Andre Nickatina's track "Ayo for Yayo": Ayo for yayo Walk around with yayo All in my nasal I musta been craze yo
  6. Gary Neville's a cunt but i think he'll do a good job, apparantly he's a good motivational speaker. Not that it matters, we'll get to quarters and then get destoryed by someone like Ireland, or Italy.
  7. Why did I just read ^that with a Southern accent? Dunno, but i'm English you moron, no offends intended of course. Not your fault you're American. (waits for backlash)
  8. Hi. Names harry. Always loved the gta games but never could be bothered to register on a site and chat about it though till now, rather play games in my time off than talk about them so i'll probably hardly ever post unless i'm bored.