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  1. I've played it. It was aMayZing. Nah, haven't played it.
  2. I know i might be the only one who likes Call Of Duty on this forum but hey, I'll give you guys something to moan about again by bumping this topic. New Info: Elite premium for black ops 2 will be free. Copy & Pasted from IGN. "We feel that Call of Duty is at its best when our community is united," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg told IGN. "That’s why we’re returning to four map pack drops next year, and also the reason why we’re making services like leveling clans and Elite TV available to a wider Call of Duty community for Black Ops II, not just to premium Elite subscribers only. Our mission from the start with Elite has been to make multiplayer a more connected, social experience. For our premium members, we have accomplished that. We’ve been listening to the community and we’ve come to the conclusion that Elite has more value as a community wide platform to drive engagement and connectivity than as a paid members-only service." Call of Duty Elite will offer the following features this time around: Player HQ: Track Black Ops II stats including recent match data, heat maps, challenge tracking and the ability to modify classes using the Pick 10 system Clan HQ: Join or create clans to participate in competitions Zombies Leader-boards: Track your Zombie stats and compare to other players Call of Duty Elite TV: Developer tips, strategy videos, custom class overviews and more Social Integration: Notification system to stay updated on Black Ops II news, communicate with your clan and more Existing Call of Duty Elite premium members will still have access to the service for Modern Warfare 3 until their current subscription period ends. In addition, founders will still have their status reflected even in the new free service. "Absolutely their status will be reflected going forward," Hirshberg said regarding founders. "Elite founders are amongst our most loyal customers, which we don’t take lightly. So, we’re committed to honoring them with ongoing rewards and stature as we transition to Black Ops II."
  3. Just watched prometheus. What a pile of dog shit.

    1. Qdeathstar


      I dont think it was that bad as a movie in and of itself

    2. DuPz0r


      It was fine, pretty interesting. Not amazing. But not shit. That was my opinion anyway...

    3. Crazee


      For a Ridley Scott film, and the amount of money they must of spent on it, it was shit. Maybe it's because they wasn't much action as expected, cos it was extremely slow at times. Usually I'm the first to defend a film, take it for what it was, sort of thing. But it was just dire, considering the trailers look awesome.

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  4. The safe houses all depend on the character you play. Which at this point isn't 100% confirmed as the middle class 30-40 something white dude. I'd rather they brought back the option to buy property rather than what they did in IV where you're just given it. So you actually have an incentive to go out and steal shit. I like the idea of being able to customize your places too, not just furniture but guards, gang members, dogs, playboy bunnies, tigers (outside), dealers, too. But then i want V to be more RPG than IV was, at least on the finanicial and customizing side, just gives the game another dimension which IV seemed to lack at times. So yeah, start small or lose everything at the start, then build your way to the top. End up in a fat mansion on Beverly Hills.
  5. Nah, gives me something to look forward too and i like the anticipation week to week, January's always a boring month for TV anyway.
  6. I'll rape yer feckin' dog. I think he's that way inclined anyway, keeps on staring at me and barking some nonsense, so you'd be doing me a favor. When are you available?
  7. Your English is pretty good, understandable at least, and it's probably better than some of the kids who post on here who's English is meant to be their first language. Welcome. (from one newbie to another) >_>
  8. Love this show, only thing i'll watch on tv apart from football. Missed season one, think i might of watch some esps at some point, can't remember. Watched seasons 2 to 4 religiously week by week. @Firm. Season 4 is immense, watch it. Can't wait for season 5 to air in the UK, guessing it'll be start of next year sometime.
  9. ^exactly^ Won't be surprised if Tralier #2 comes out soon after the cover though. Maybe showing different stuff to what the mag will have.
  10. I know i'm probably guna get raped for asking but has R* definitely said the voice you hear in the trailer is the voice of the protagonist? >_> *Looks over shoulder*
  11. After watching that YT vid, I want GTA: Zombies! Actually looks a lot of fun.
  12. But then you make the game boring and to easy. I'm only on Level 20, just met the paath..... dragon at throat of the world. Haven't exploited any of the skills, just play it like it should be played, also haven't once fast-travelled anywhere unless i get on a carriage. I can't see how you can appreciate a game as much if you exploit the gaps in them. Anyway, currently doing the College, Dark Brotherhood and main quest storylines. @Viceman. Got a new dog too.
  13. Yay! Finally. Some news of some news. *waits some more* Wake me up when October ends.
  14. You either speak Mandarin or Cantonese, 'tard. How do you learn a language and not even know what it is.
  15. Maybe have a side mission where you have to kill a load of people dress up as zombies and take the piss out of the fact it's in every game now, rather than jumping on the band wagon with everyone else. Personally don't like zombie games, apart from RES. The ghouls in Fallout are enough for me.
  16. OMG! What does it MEAN! GTA5: Bogota/LA/Paris/London/ . . . . . Also, this thread is kinda confusing between the posts, has there been editing and deleting?
  17. It annoys me that lightning magic doesn't do more damage when it's raining or when you fire it into the water.
  18. Will be watching this, but you can't beat Die Hard 1. Geronimo, Motherfucker!
  19. What if Rockstar do something they've never done before. Have Los Santos, surrounded by mountains and countryside as they've already said. But then have Vice City as another city that you have to get on a plane to go to, Or any other city, Las Vegas, London, Sicily (Catania/Palermo), Tokyo, etc. I know it's rather unlikely but i thought i'd throw it out there.
  20. Crazee

    360 vs PS3

    Just looked it up on YT. Looks good.
  21. 2nd Trailer will be out on either the 31st of October, 2nd of November, or the 7th of November. Maybe. Or maybe they'll just release the game without any warning.
  22. Well at least i don't have a boat that doesn't even work, whats the point, you just going to look at it and say "hmm, nice boat".
  23. Crazee

    360 vs PS3

    Hold the fuck on. People actually liked InFamous? It was the same repetitive crap over and over again, just getting slightly harder in every stage you advanced. Last of us? Never heard of it, guessing it a "to be release" game same as MGS5? Only game that was ever worth playing in that list from the PS3 side was Heavy Rain, and i'm not to bothered i've never played Halo, Fable or Forza. Gears of War is the only game i'd be interested in getting if it somehow got put into a PS version.