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  1. Bring em back. Do something similar, but better than what they did in Scarface.
  2. If Rockstar went by your philosophy then we'd still be playing GTA in a bird eye view mode. Whatever Rockstar do you'll still love it once you play it, cos they'll make whatever "bold new direction" is so good you won't even care.
  3. Then, no. Would most likely destroy the franchise if they did that. Are you gone crazy!?!
  4. Nah, Verlander's choking, he'll be off soon. Maybe for Alburquerque.
  5. Indeed. Only time will tell what it is. Starting to get more and more excited now, after months and months of waiting, they're gonna throw shit loads at us at once. Can't wait.
  6. Verlander's having a shocking start.
  7. Yeah, bring it back. Why not. Didn't do SA any harm now did it. The more ways to play the game the better.
  8. *adds as wallpaper* I like the artwork. Slightly goes back to the style of SA but not too much to make it look dated, sort of a mix between SA and IV artwork i guess. Just a thought with them showing us that robbery again, maybe that's the first mission, and you get caught by the cops and slung into jail, or get betray by the rest of the crew and left for dead.
  9. golf karts. And them trucks that have more than one trailer.
  10. Apologize Bones, glanced at your Profile pic and thought it was QD's lol. Which either means you've changed yours recently or it's almost 5am and i'm tired, or both. Don't really like either teams in it this year, but i've always dislike SF for some reason, probably cos when i watched baseball they only scored from the home runs that bonds got them.
  11. Only ever played softball in school, and only once too. they didn't let me play again after cos i kept forgetting to let go of the bat when i got a hit and in the end instead of dropping the bat after the hit I swung it back the way it came and released it with it then flying towards everyone waiting their turn to bat, no one got hurt unfortunately. edit: lol @ QD. They'll have to win it one day, just like Liverpool winning the title. Miracles do happen.
  12. Use to love watching the MLB when it was on Channel 5 in the UK on Sunday night/Monday mornings. Then Sky stole it (like everything else). Actually fell in love with the Red Sox, before they one the World Series in 2004, the whole 80 years curse, fenway park with the green monster, the rivalry they have with the Yankees, which at the time Red Sox were considered the underdogs., Manny, Nomar, Pedro, Damon, Wakefield with his weird pitches. Good times. Haven't watched a game now though for probably 3 years+. But do want to go to Fenway one day to see a game. Weirdly all the American sports teams i've ever chosen to follow are all near each other, cos NFL it's Patriots, and NBA it's the Celtics, didn't happen on purpose just the teams i liked at the time of picking. Is there anytime of the year (i'm pretty sure there isn't) where the MLB, NFL, and NBA all play within a month of eachother? Oh and talking of curses, have the Cubs won a World Series yet?
  13. Can't stand it when games put the whole save/sleep/advance time thing because there's no ill affects of not sleeping in the games (Skyrim,Sleeping dogs, etc). Either add sleep deprivation to the game or have the character sat watching TV to pass the time or something else. Plus if they did have sleep deprivation in the game you could counter act it with energy drinks for a while for if you were on a mission and then went to a motel afterwards.
  14. Metal - Metallica: Master of Puppets Funk/rock - Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way Nu Metal - Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory Rap - Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP Or Obie Trice - Cheers Or 2-pac - Greatest Hits Pop/rock - Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish . . . . . . Prodigy - The Fat of the Land (not sure what genre Prodigy is, I think they're just their own genre) Alternative Rock - Oasis - Morning Glory Pop - Pixie Lott - Turn It Up
  15. Crazee


    I agree to an extent, fuck government though, it'd take four years for parliament to get their fingers out each others asses to even agree to death squads. Bring back monarchy rule, you'd get death squads in a day. Edit: America will be fucked for foreign relations if Romney gets into power, at least with Obama other countries can tell that not all American's are dumb ass racists hicks who like being trigger happy and gun-ho all the time, cos he's black and got a weird middle eastern name that sounds like Osama, but ain't.
  16. The word honky originates from the Latin word niger, which just means "colour black". *closes Google tab* Back on topic, I've always been interested in the whole ancestry thing, apparently I've got German and Scottish descendents, possibly Jewish as well, which would explain why I'm such a tight ass with money, fantasize about world domination, and love a drink.
  17. Wow, this thread turned into Asylum trash quickly. *Looks back for who started it* . . . *Runs*
  18. Crazee


    ^ Apart from Boris, everyone loves Boris.
  19. Marney was a Scouser?. . . . .
  20. Does it ever even snow in Cali apart from in the mountains? Plus seasonal changes would be hard (i think) to pull off, i've not seen a game yet where trees and flowers lose their leaves then gradually bloom again, would be cool to see though. Wouldn't mind seeing the sun gradually setting earlier and latter to rise as the seasons change so you'd have more time to sneak around at night, and to have an actual calendar year. Don't like the whole construction thing neither, sorry, don't need the headache of being chased by the cops then turning a corner and can't get through because of lorries and stuff.
  21. I agree with Truth, nothing worse than waiting 2 minutes just to push a button, Skyrim does my head in with all the loading times at the start.
  22. Only just changed forum theme to the dark one. So pretty. *stares*

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      You didn't look like a honky hater, until now anyway.

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      i didnt know you could do that til this status, this looks alot better

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  23. That looks like fun, think i'd get bored on the way up though, so i'd have to take a crossword book or maybe a rubik's cube. Also don't like how you could spin out of control so much that you could pass out, they'd have to fix that before i'd do it. Just thought of something that would suck ass, imagine if you went to a theme park but had narcolepsy and fell asleep every time a ride started, then woke up after it had just finished and then had to wait in line for another half hour. Damn.