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  1. It was also on the vehicle that passed by showing the black dude putting up the sign. You have to pause it, it is only shown for about a quarter of a second. idk about that bro, it wasnt on the vehicle, that was still the curb from where u can see under the truck no?
  2. wow the 1st picture is fantastic, they are almost exact in everyway, props to R*, cant wait for the release of this amazing game!
  3. Ready for V

    1. TreeFitty


      *tears off tear-away pants*

      yeah I bet you're ready...

    2. Godfather


      yeahhhhhhhhh u kno it

  4. i believe that the map will be very large, maybe not as large as the original San Andreas as a whole but very close infact, too me LIberty City was big, yet so small at the same time, i think we may see a map that we may actully be able to get lost in lol