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  1. lol why would you do that if you have a computer?
  2. I didn't because it takes too much time lol. I mean, getting a spraycan, holding a button to spray for a few secconds.. TOO MUCH EFFORT. I'd rather just walk through it or something,. Or shoot it. Shooting works fine.
  3. Cockroaches ?
  4. Maybe one day (in like 10 years ;D), when GTA seriously evolves and we all have super-mega hardware, they can put more then 1 city/country. For example: The main setting be USA, but we will have to travel to London (or somewhere else) to do a few missions and stuff. But it won't be like going to LC in GTA SA, but it would be a real city which we could freeroam when ever we wanted to, etc.
  5. People just went silly with these speculations lol. It isn't meant to represent anything. It's like a tease from rockstar. The place where the next location was supposed to be written on was teared off. Get it? Next Stop: [we're not gonna tell you] The poster beneath was probably just to illustrate that it was ripped off. They took a funny poster from a sex shop and put it underneath.
  6. This is why: When first GTA SA trailer came out, there was a beach scene, and tons of people claimed they saw a dog in it. In reality, it was a campfire (or rocks, I forgot). Maybe now R* folks are parodying that with a real dog beach scene lol Just a thought However, I still beilive that dogs will be included in the game.
  7. Just found this. Thought it was pretty funny and amusing.
  8. If it's a huge, nice looking countryside, I won't complain.
  9. I just realized something.. You remember how in GTA SA trailer #1, there was this beach scene.. With people dacing around etc. Anyway, many people claimed to see a dog there, even though there wasn't. I remember it was quite a big thing. So, maybe R* are parodying that with this real dog beach scene in V? Another thing, in GTA SA first trailer, they only showed LS. So yeah, who knows. EDIT: Oh, also. I read an article how, when they first planned GTA IV, Rockstar wanted to make a huuuuuuge (really huge) countryside for Liberty City. At the end, they ditched the idea, but maybe they're gonna do it in GTA V? I would love that.. I don't need SF and LV if I got a huge countryside. They can leave that for GTA VI
  10. I don't know.. I mean, that's just not enough to go on. Of course hobos need money. Hobos always need money.. That's what hobos do, they ask for money. This does't mean a lot. It's kind of a standard thing. Mexicans, doing physical labour.. etc. Again, doesn't mean anything. There are whores in every GTA game. And of course, in every part of real history as well. It's not the oldest profession for nothing
  11. I just highly doubt it. 10 years ago (or less, depending if GTA V is set in like 2011, or 2005 or w/e) he never talked and was a really shady sorta character. Now, suddenly, he sounds like his charisma is boosting through the roof. I just can't put the voice on that video to Claude from GTA III.
  12. Claude is a mute.. So I don't think so. Anyway, that countryside looks fucking awesome. The mountain and everything.. I do hope it's not just Los Santos, though.