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  1. But it's nice of you to use a search feature before making a new topic...
  2. Was there blimp flying in the trailer? Since I didn't see it...
  3. It's been a month since official gameplay video. Still no news about multiplayer video. Dying to see the multiplayer info. R* hurry the hell up...
  4. Damn, you've just given me the idea of sniping gliders and jumpers. Thanks :-) Also I'm gonna try to shoot them with RPG... See if that works.
  5. So much details in car modding... Simply stunning... Amazing.... Can't wait to get hands on it.
  6. I will climb up the Mt. Chiliad & then jump from it. That'll be fun I think...
  7. ^ Then that would be real nice to see... Modifying the safehouse/property to your choice will be awesome!
  8. The trailer was really awesome. After watching it, I'm going to preorder next gen console. I'll probably go for PS4...
  9. You think they'll show up 30-40 minutes of gameplay? I think it'll be less than 4 - 5 min...
  10. Official gameplay is coming soon. That's a fucking awesome.... Fuck Yeah...