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  1. JW GROM is recruiting. We are a Spec Ops crew, therefore we are looking for members that are at least 18 years (We might make exceptions if you show you are mature) and have mic. After joining you will be asked to attend training sessions where you will learn our tactics and codes as well as to be great team player. Positions that are available right now: Air/Navy Unit (Provides transportation to all members by sea and air) Marksman Unit (Provides covering fire for all members from rooftops and notify enemy's locations) Ground Unit (All other members that are an elite and asset to the crew.) If you have any questions please contact me through crew website at: and to register please fill in recruitment form.
  2. I used search to check if this has been posted, but I couldn't find it, so I made a new. Just checked R* twitter feed from their website and they mention that the Germany will get original and un-cut version
  3. R* posted this with today's new pics so for those wondering when, now you know when you will get some answers. Can't fucking wait.
  4. this heli looks sweet can't wait to steal it. Also I hope you can revisit that yacht outside of missions.