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  1. Rough week for my mom. Monday night was at my girlfriend's for about 10 minutes after dropping my mom off at home from the cancer center where she got two bags of IV. Her face had been turning very red and she was getting very dry red rough patches (drug rash basically) on her skin after starting a new type of chemo since the first kind was giving her neuropathy. The prior week she kept going home from work early because she'd get so dizzy and double vision. RN for the oncologist calls her and tells her get an ambulance or someone to drive her to the emergency room ASAP. Jumped in my car and rushed home, luckily have emergency lights in my car window. Got her and got through rush hour traffic to the hospital because of the lights in roughly 10 minutes. She was put in the critical part of the emergency room where they ran various tests. She was critical on 5 electrolytes on her blood work and was at the beginning stages of kidney failure. 24 hours in the emergency room she finally got a room on the oncology floor of the hospital. She was released Thursday. She went through 12 potassium horse pills, over 10 IV bags of potassium, IV magnesium, IV saline, etc. I spent 22 hours awake Monday night, barely got any sleep all week trying to be by her side as much as possible. Slept in plastic chairs and my car in the hospital parking garage. She's going back tomorrow to see if her electrolyte levels held up, and has an MRI Tuesday to see if the chemo hopefully helped. We've all dealt with a lot of shit, I've had my fair share growing up, but nothing has ever come close to this. You hear of people watching their loved ones go through cancer all the time, it's affected my family before, but my mom is my only parent. It's just her and I. Watching her go through this after a life of struggling, it's so hard. Never thought I'd be a caretaker, but this is one thing that will make you grow up. Just needed to do a little venting, things get lonely sometimes. I'll post how she does this week.
  2. Been lucky with tickets :lol: Cops pull me over and I get a warning and a compliment on the 5.0

  3. Brian


    Want to see how well a wall works to protect? Ask Israel. The head of the education department was picked likely because Trump wants to get rid of it altogether. He feels education should be a state issue. And with planned parenthood, don't eat up what the left is telling you. They're completely self sufficient
  4. Got a nice tour of a private car collection that was being detailed. Included a Maserati MC12 and Ferrari F50. There was also a Datsun 240zx. Thing started up immediately. Mint. Just to add the 240zx has 14,000 original miles and one owner. 1982.
  5. Brian


    I agree the environment is in trouble, but to me the leftist ideas of allowing immigrants and refugees by the thousands upon thousands would fuck us up even more. There were more immediate threats to us than climate change. The left does not care about us, they just use the ideas of progressivism to get more votes to stay in power. Republicans were a mess too. Trump isn't either of these though. He's running this country like a business. That's what we needed. He's done more for us already in this week alone. Hillary was in bed with big oil too, nothing would've been done to help us, our country would've been off far worse with her in power. Aside from the pipelines (which again, there are millions running through our country already, and which also go around reservations) what else has he done that's so bad? What about sewage pipelines? Should we stop using those since leaks cause high nitrogen levels in water bodies? Look it up, it kills thousands of fish each year in massive wash ups. "When it comes to accidents, injuries, and fatalities, pipelines are the safest mode of transporting oil and gas.[3] After four exhaustive environmental reviews, the Department of State determined that Keystone XL poses minimal environmental risk to soil, wetlands, water resources, vegetation, fish, and wildlife.[4] One of the most particular concerns of environmentalists has been the point where the pipeline crosses the Ogallala Aquifer in Nebraska, despite the fact that thousands of miles of pipeline already cross the aquifer. Both the State Department and external geologists conclude that the aquifer is at extremely minimal risk of contamination because of the slope of the aquifer and the geologic makeup of the soil.[5]" And with Obama in power, our oil output as increased my millions of barrels per day, but our major source was oil rigs and the gulf. Obama didn't seem to mind that... The wall will be great, along with the hiring of 5,000 more border patrol agents and more detention facilities. Illegal immigration costs us for healthcare, education, jobs, taxes, etc. They are breaking the law, and should be sent home. Come here legally or stay out. It isn't hard. Canada and Mexico both have harsher immigration laws than us, no one bats an eye.
  6. Saw a Maserati MC12 and Ferrari F50 in person yesterday. I was in awe. 

  7. Brian


    Trump has signed several executive orders so far. Here is what will take place, and my opinion if anyone cares. Withdrawing from the TPP & Renegotiating NAFTA - This is great. The TPP would have been detrimental for American workers and industry, and renegotiating NAFTA will allow terms that will benefit us more than before. A hiring freeze on federal agencies except for the military - This will help shrink the government be putting a hold on the creation of more jobs and useless positions which are a huge burden on the taxpayer. Reinstating of the Mexico City Policy - Ban on federal funds to international groups that preform abortions or lobby to legalize or promote it. While I feel abortion should not be illegal, I do agree with this as we should not be sending funds overseas for this. It will save roughly $600 million from my understanding. Reviving the Keystone Pipeline and Dakota Access Pipeline - Job creation, and orders to use materials only produced in the US. I am not educated enough on this however, but with the vast amount of pipes that already exist to transport oil through the US, I don't see how these two updated and new pipes could be any worse. Executive Orders on Obamacare - ACA was a fucking mess, I see it right now with my mom as she battles cancer. Nothing affordable. There are good provisions of the ACA but premiums and copays have skyrocketed. Today we are expecting executive orders on immigration. The wall will be built. There will be an imposed temporary travel ban on those who come from regions that pose a risk to national security, namely the middle east. Every President since Carter has enacted this, including Obama on various ethnic groups or regions. Trump is doing the right thing. There will also be more flexibility for deportations and change to the H1-B Visa program. All in all, I'm pretty happy with Trump so far, and he's keeping many of his promises. I wish much success for him and our nation.
  8. Short vid of some snow drifts. This is how my exhaust sounds with no mufflers and the stock resonator.
  9. Sold my old Mustang and got my money back from when I purchased it (maintenance is a different story). Gonna miss the shit out of that car. But onto better things. Hope the kid takes good care of it.

    1. Darth Sexy
    2. Ginginho


      Meanwhile, my 94 Skyline is still rolling... the body is rusting away and the electrics are unpredictable, but the fucker always starts first time and runs like a dream...  18 years and counting...

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      yea man, still loving my impala... it's been a solid purchase for sure...

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  10. Trying to get more fiber and superfoods into my diet, and I love quinoa when I've had it. What are some good quinoa salad recipes?
  11. A point and shoot will work well if you're just trying to get pictures that you want to take for memory, want decent quality, and don't want to lug around a DSLR. Honestly though, with how cameras are now in phones (like in the 7 Plus) they match point and shoots and sometimes exceed. A DSLR is a whole new range of quality, and given the ability to interchange lenses allows you to get into a whole new world of photography. Canon is my favorite, all model bodies after the late 80's fit with all lenses from after the same time. I have a Rebel T4i and it still let's me take some nice photos. Lenses are more important in terms of quality. I'd look into a T4i, T5i, or T6s. It's worth it in my opinion. You can slap on a prime lens for quick photos while traveling or get a nice telephoto lens to zoom in. You can get basic photos or adjust aperture and iso and all these other settings to get what you like. Not only that, it'll last you years, has better resale value, and imo is always a great hobby to get into. If a DSLR isn't your thing though still, then definitely go the Canon route.
  12. Winter means snow drifts and snow drifts means fun

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      oh gawd the person driving down the road with a foot of snow on the top drives me nuts.... or the ones who just clear enough windows and thats it...

    2. Ginginho


      It's hot and muggy today...

    3. gtagrl
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  13. 2016 is the worst year according to everyone, even more than 1939. Celebrity deaths are more important than world wars now  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      Brian you need to realise that the majority of people on social media are fucking idiots. I'm surprised they found the time to notice 2016 between the endless stream of pointless selfies and checking in when they use the toilet. 

    2. DuPz0r


      At least they had rations in 1939. We dont get anything free in 2016!

    3. ViceMan


      What about porn?

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  14. Nothing like getting the stomach bug while you have a cold for a nice 1-2 punch

  15. 3,000 students used to attend here, now its a ghost town. I've never seen anything like it... my professor dragging her class out to the very end of the semester.

  16. The only good commie is a dead commie

  17. So my mom was officially diagnosed with invasive breast cancer today, it has reached her lymph nodes. She'll be going for MRI, Pet Scan, and a few other things soon. Pet scan will tell us the stage.
  18. I have a feeling the story is going to pick up right where red dead left off You have US Army training grounds Funston, Doniphan, and Cody. All places north or slightly west of Texas, still in the Mid-west. Camp Cody is in New Mexico and the art looks like it could match that. Edit: Last to the left looks like Jack too
  19. Red light cameras are bullshit. I have to pay $80 but the light was only red for 0.6 seconds, it says it on the thing. Fucking crooks last thing I fucking need right now

    1. Qdeathstar


      They got red light cameras in my cities too... The only ticket I've gotten was for turning right  without stopping on a red once... Didn't know you had to stop.. But I drive about 400 miles/week... Just know which lights have the cameras and pay attention... 

  20. Troubling times ahead, mom likely has breast cancer. Keep her in your thoughts for me. 

    1. Brian


      Hoping it's something like that. Thanks Q. 

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      why am i just now seeing this?! sorry to hear that... my mom went thru it too when i was a kid, she survived... here's hoping to it being nothing, man B) 

    3. Brian


      Imaging showed two large masses and several small ones as well as in her lymph nodes, biopsy tomorrow and MRI soon. Genetic testing for her and they recommend I get it done too. Biopsy results next week. Thanks for the words Bones

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  21. Amazon has great kits if you're actually serious for pretty cheap. Did it on my old car. Fed the wires through the fire wall and put a few fuses in. Here's how the wheels came out
  22. Got a nice collection of cigars going, but no humidor. Idk where to start.

    1. Ginginho


      Do it like a prez... use a Jewish girl...

    2. gtagrl


      Grab her by the humidor?

    3. Brian


      I have an Italian girl

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