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  1. So after lots of research, some haggling, and pretty good luck, I am getting a 2017 Mustang GT Premium. I know some of you have said it wasn't the best option at this age, but I have my college tuition covered first off, so that's a lot of money there that I won't need to worry about (or loans). I have a steady job paying pretty decently, and grandparents who are willing to help me a little with insurance. They're going to pay what I pay for my car now, and I am footing the difference. Anyway, I'm very excited for it to come. Here's some photos from today. It's got an automatic transmission (with paddle shifters whoop) and 18" black foundry wheels as options. It's also black which was my #1 choice. I put a deposit down today, will be placing the down payment Monday, and when the salesman that helped us comes back from vacation, it will be delivered next Friday.
  2. I made pickles once with my uncle when I was little. He has about an acre's worth of land (which is a lot for Long Island) and grows all types of vegetables. Homemade pickles with homegrown cucumbers. Speaking of gardening, here's one of his pumpkins this year, it's about 150lbs so far. Will likely hit 700+ if all goes well
  3. I've smoked on and off for about 10 months now. The first four, was daily with my best friend. Typical senior year shit. After about three months, I started dating my girl, winter got cold as hell, and smoking outside just wasn't as feasible. He got a girl too, and we started hanging a little less. We smoked still, a few times a week almost daily, but not every day. Then in February he and I had a falling out, didn't really talk or hang for a month or two, and I barely smoked then. Longest I went without was a month, and I didn't crave it at all. Not headaches, no constant thoughts, nothing. I found falling asleep a little harder at night, but I always have and relied on melatonin before I smoked. Now I smoke maybe twice a week, sometimes I'll go a few without. I guess it's really about moderation or willpower. My biggest suggestion is, try and have another distraction. For me, it was my girlfriend. We spend a lot of time together and she keeps my busy. I also don't really have an addictive personality. Weed didn't change me as a person per say. But it allowed doors to open for me. I became more social because of it, cared less about trivial shit, and just had a good time finishing my final year of high school. I grew as a person, and I think part of it was because marijuana brings people together in a way. It gave me oppurtunities to socialize in ways I never would have. Would it have happened anyway? I'm sure it would've, but it allowed it to happen sooner. My friend was a big reason for it too, but right now he's head over heals infatuated with his girl. She's his first, so I get it, but it sucks losing a friend because she hogs him basically 24/7. His cousin is a good friend of mine though so he keeps me in the loop. Anyway, I was never too open about my use here, or anywhere. But I figured I'd share my short story. Plus, smoking daily was easy since some girl we knew hooked us up with fire O's for $50. We got lucky meeting her lol
  4. Looking to sell my car, lots of shit keeps happening and I've spent enough. If I do sell I either want a newer Mustang, Wrangler, or a truck. I love the 2015's, and have been looking at used EcoBoost premiums. Best interior yet, but sound like shit for being a 4cyl. They have a factory turbo tho. Otherwise I guess a GT from 05-12 whatever fits my budget. If I can't do that, I'm looking at two door Wranglers as 4 doors are too much. Trucks are all in shit condition unless you spend a fuckton of money so its a lost resort I think. Any recommendations?
  5. Just got the 15" Retina MacBook Pro today for college. Did the education pricing so I got $215 off the laptop and a free pair of Beats (I'll likely sell). Very excited as I've wanted one of these since I was a little kid. Opted for the 2.8GHz processor. I was going to wait for the newest 2016 model but they are coming out after I start college and I've heard rumors of the Apple Butterfly keyboard being used (which I fucking hate). Will post first impressions when I get it.
  6. For chat see if there's a way to show one or more people are in the chat on the Forum page
  7. Any of the Canon Powershot cameras matching your budget would be great too
  8. Definitely go the Canon route. For that budget you won't get anything spectacular, but it'll do the job. I also recommend looking at the Samsung Galaxy cameras as they have an impressive zoom.
  9. She's certainly not a favorite, she's just hot.
  10. Mexican Milfs? You seem to be forgetting Maritza Ramos. I like Piper but she's become so much less of an important character
  11. I'll be on the lookout next time I head into the city, I'll let you know what I think! Any cheeses you recommend?
  12. Q can show you some gay sex if you want Reading books is something I've wanted to do for a while, but never wind up actually doing If Pokemon counts as anime I watched it from like 3-6years old Tried to give it a chance years ago when my cousin got into it, but it just isn't my thing. I think it's fine but I don't think most of the convention nerds are okay in the head
  13. I've really started to expand the cheeses I like the past few months for some reason, and being lucky enough to live near Manhattan I've tried some awesome stuff at an Italian market in the city The cheese is called Castelbelbo. In appearance it's like a Brie but firmer and it's somewhat mild to me, but has an earthy flavor and a nice tang. It's a sheep, goats, and cows milk mix. The meats are 18 month aged Prosciutto and Bresaola, a cured Beef which has now become my favorite type of cured meat.
  14. Anime is gay as fuck but whatever I have a cousin super into that shit made her a dyke though Qe hit her up
  15. Scraped together some cash and have some plans for the car now, first thing was my suspension. Completely replaced the shocks and struts. The difference is night and day. It was $725 with parts and labor but with the safety benefits of new parts and fighting wear on the tires it's worth it. Anyone here who has an older car or one with lots of miles (mines 14 years with 103k) and stock suspension, do yourself a favor and replace it. Ride quality is way better, braking and turning as well. Next on the list for parts: Wheels and tires Raxiom Icon Tail Lights with Sequential Harness New Bumper (someone hit me in school parking lot and left it damaged, never found who it was) Possibly vinyl wrapping the entire car matte black, or the stripes matte black Paint correction Subwoofer install (got a free Sony Xplod from my GF's brother, just need an amp and wiring kit) Once I'm done with these not much else I plan to do with the car, really just gonna be saving up so I can get a 2015 EcoBoost Premium or GT in/after college. Here she is during my muffler delete I did a few weeks ago, sounds much better.
  16. 69 is certainly my favorite year for the Mustang when it comes to classics, would love to find a fastback but a coupe would do too. Either that or I save the money and get a 2015 in two or so years. The Impala is gonna be mine someday (hopefully a long time from now) and I don't know what I'd do with two classics and a daily.
  17. Considering a Mustang project car to work on with my grandpa once we get his 64 Impala in mint shape again, just gotta replace some parts.
  18. Speaking of views here's one from my hike yesterday
  19. Not something like I usually post, but my girlfriend was overlooking the water and I snapped this. The silhouette is definitely something I've never done.
  20. when you get older, you'll realize that this statement is completely wrong ... That's why you don't get yourself a girl who doesn't take care of herself...