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  1. So I was wondering if anyone else noticed this, when franklin comes out of the medical weed shop as he walks past the sunglasses he turns his head and seems to "check out" the woman standing there, it's nothing special but it's one of those little things.
  2. Just in case anyone is still in need (uk only) grainger games web store still have collectors and special editions available...... I found this out the hard way after upping my pre order at hmv to the collectors edition, only to be told yesterday that they won't be getting it. Game also have the special edition but no CE. Grainger games is a local (northeast uk) franchise so no national stores, this is the reason they still stock the CE
  3. That "oh shit" moment, when you realise it's 20 minutes until the store closes, and you don't have a birthday OR an anniversary card for the wife............for tomorrow.

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      wake up really early, goto the nearest store buy what you need, and make it home in time to make her breakfast. And if you really want to impress her, clean the house up and pamper her. You'll be in her good books for at least that day. lol

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  4. So if you look at the bottom left post card in this picture, the place called north something, it looks a lot like snow. So I think this pretty much confirms snow in the game, I've never really noticed it on any of the mountains we have seen so far, possible winter sports mini games
  5. That's what worries me. It is just going to be 10 year olds killing people at ATM's I hope I'm wrong because this has massive potential. Don't get caught slipping, you can't really get salty about someone stealing virtual cash from you, that you have just stolen from a virtual bank. Buy the ticket take the ride, pay to hide your radar blip when you go to the bank or go in a crew.
  6. Anyone else thinking that it could be a nice little earner being stand over men, catching motherfuckers slipping on the way to the bank? Or better still have the option to hijack someone else's hiest, so they do all the leg work then the stick up crew catches them as soon as they have the objective. It did say in one of the reviews that you can pay to have your gamer tag and blip hidden.
  7. I have no problem with waiting on the online aspect. I'm looking forward to crewing up and doing some heists, but it gives me some time to get some story completed and get a feel for the driving. I wonder if you will be able to choose an ability out of the 3 for your online character?
  8. I get a lot of tech from the USA I use a travel adaptor all day with them no problems, I know it's the reverse but any info helps right.
  9. Dissing TF... rookie mistake. I am shitting myself and actually he is dissing me I was stating a fact....cock sucker Yeah I read the whole thing sounds like you just don't like to get checked mate, I've noticed that about you, ya just don't like to be wrong do you guy!
  10. . Who said anything about the manufacture of the disc? I do believe he said was developed in the uk, nobody said shit about where the disc was made. Also do they put the content on the disc in the factory they are made in?
  11. Nah. Which part are you nah-ing? The car is absolutely a Sabre GT... I'm nah-ing to the wide body part. Same here it looks like its just the angle of the shot tbh
  12. Is that a thing? I can't keep up with you crazy kids and your internet lingo and your rock and roll music and your Pac-Man video games. Its just like "took his ball in" , and the saying is older than time.
  13. Maybe the star relates to the missions you have to do for famous people, stars of the screen
  14. But chupacabra mean goat sucker not cow sucker.....either way feel free to suck on whatever you wish to suck on.
  15. Here's a little treat for any fans of mst3k! Every episode for free no subscription. If you have never seen the show its well worth a watch.

  16. It's gotta be rick Ross every day I'm hustlin
  17. I hear you can't repo the assets of a dead man bitch sittin cheap ass hoe
  18. The picture will need to be at least 5 times the size of this
  19. Anyone else see the pound of weed at 1:04 and1:07 I wonder if michael's son will end up getting them involved in some cartel type shit?

    Mad Max

    I have been waiting for this game for years, its about time someone done mad max
  21. I wonder if we will be able to stand on the running boards on cop cars like the NPC cops do in screens?
  22. Well then maybe I will update the old ps3 and join you all sometime