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  1. C'mon man, play as a 34 year old dude isn't cool, the only one I can agree is Packie. And I meant the old fellows of the past generation.
  2. No, we need new carachters, the old fellows are old today. So... yeah, new carachters
  3. Well... thats a good point but... take your guns off your body isn't cool bro.
  4. ^ that would be boring bro... in RDR, you sleep with a shotgun on your back... I think like RDR, you should see where are your weapons, and the arresting system should be more realistic.
  5. Well... there is a lot of other places in the world for a GTA story. And a lot of stories for GTA, so... I don't think GTA will stop... and I don't know a reason to stop.
  6. You start the game weak and thin... and there would be a gym! Then you can get stronger. And... if you eat too much fast food, you get fat.
  7. Invisible walls won't be cool, what if you get to the top... AND THEN YOU DIE!? That would be cool.
  8. People calling me to hang out, and the fact that you couldn't fuck Kate.
  9. Alright, alright, but... i still prefer microorganisms than bigfoot.
  10. People ask me... "Hey, if you don't believe in God, how you think we got here?" then i say... "I don't care, this is not important for me." and there's another: "You are going to hell, you know that?" then i say... "Alright, i'm gonna have a BBQ with the devil, he must be cool." Of course in the last phrase, i was joking, i don't believe in imaginary places.
  11. Religion is unuseful... I like my life without this.
  12. If my memory does not fail, in GTA Vice City, you could cut people heads off with a chainsaw
  13. In GTA Vice City, you could steal busses, and each person that entered in the bus paid you 5 bucks. Thats a nice way to make some money. Haha