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  1. Watch this video. Also their are such vehicles as a chairlift, snowplough and snowmobile and others. So here watch this vid tell me what you think. <shitty video channel>
  2. I live in LA and LA has a variety of busses going through stops and following a route almost everyday . This would be a cool feature since you could drive tons of people and possibly hold them hostage (a long shot though). but still stealing busses sounds pretty fun in general. unfortunatley i could not find any busses in the trailer but hey there werent to many scenes featuring intersections. Let me know youre take on this concept of busses driving around all day everyday. also if there is busses maybe you can use that as public transportation, also many dont know this but there actually is a subway system in LA but it only runs around hollywood and downtown.
  3. i definetly agree i really want gta v to have more to killing people then just shooting a limp body and an unrealistic ammount of blood come out. but i think blowing/chopping limps and what not would provide a brand new asset that would provide endless fun
  4. GTA V will be released in 2012 we do not know the exact date but in this video it confirms it.
  5. i feel i really want to have unique kills and be able to obliterate peoples heads and bodie parts that way the game would never get boring
  6. In a very recent interview dan houser confirmed GTA V being in only los santos. Im kinda bummed but hey he says its gonna be huge. So yes im not lying he did say this in an interview there will be countryside thought This is just for everyone who thinks GTA V will have san fierro and LAS venturas. link for confirmation.
  7. i hear what yall are saying but pay close attention in the trailer they make kind of hard to see even a little bit of their faces o_0
  8. Who were those other people getting out of the red van Prime charecters friends of the protanganists.
  9. there is a southpark episode were that happens. haha
  10. This times a million. Packie was pretty young so they could even make him a bit older and make bigger. He was funny shit. Fav character from GTA IV. I'd be stoked if it was him. going along the idea since Niko was the voice over for GTA IV, the voice over for the GTA V trailer would be the lead. BUT in the IV trailer they blatantly showed Niko and made it clear he was the lead. The V trailer they did show the character. Maybe because they didnt want the fans to think that was the lead character. Huuuuummmmmm? edit sig \/ i see what youre saying but theres a recurrence of the hispanic guy so i think that might hint 2 protangnists
  11. completly agree with you who wants to play with an old fragile 53 year old man haha
  12. michelle: "cold weather we are having" Niko "quite" fuck you, i live in canada and i have to deal with -50 temps (sub zero farinheit)and 16ft snow drifts and your complaining cause it rains in winter? ...assholes...