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  1. I would enjoy to pull a die hard style heist with hostages and what not (but in a scenario where you actually are successful.). though it would be funny if during any type of crime really including heist certain civilians and people might try to be like a hero only to get blasted in the face
  2. Should there be scars, wounds, and blood stains on you or other characters who get shot, and should it be permanent to your character (permanent scars, ripped up clothing). tell me what you think and how it could be done
  3. i dont know who would follow a character to the extent that this person does, but like if you could run into a random house and find people eating that would be cool enough, i care more how they act in response to their environments then their detailed lives
  4. tats and clothes definitely, hair maybe as long as it fits for the character, and no muscle or fat cuz that would ruin how basarse the characters look already
  5. live in a tree like its the hunger games
  6. i hope there is lightening like in screenshots, what if you could get struck by it but as a very rare occurrence, that would be intense but i don't know if they could pull it off
  7. i don't think they should use insane tactics and more insane weapons or items, but if they acted more realistically that would be awesome, but i like the amount of challenge the game provides now just maybe more realistic