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  1. ^ Yes, one particular member has been stuck at "Forum Nazi" since he reached -650 ages ago. He's been a bit cranky the last couple weeks, I think he's bored of being stuck at the same title for so long. -999... Psy must hurry up... About my own rep again... I got 72 points now which is unreasonable much, it makes me feel ashamed! Some admin please shave 40 - 50 points off my rep. I want it edited, I don't want to have posts downvoted.
  2. You think it's someone who actually vote... maybe that is right, but I don't know. I thought it was a glitch, like one vote being counted 6 times, but maybe it's not a system glitch. In the meantime, I gave Vice three votes so I've used my quota for today. I'll fix your downvoted post tomorrow.
  3. An unwarranted downvote? You're kidding. I'll have to get Viceman in here to correct this immediately. It looks like ragevoting. I see Marney have been in this thread tonight. He is also the only one to have viewed the website problems, issues & requests topic after I posted, and I was downvoted there. Lol. But I'll undo the unwarranted downvoting in a moment.... Edit: Sorry but I didn't undo the unwarranted downvote this time. Instead I'll maybe downvote you, because you didn't vote up my post that was downvoted.
  4. If it's an error then the admins will fix it, no need for special treatment. When I don't find enough posts worth upvoting, I give you my full quota. You probably deserve to have the most rep, but you don't deserve 300 points. But I don't see any reason to give you a "Marney treatment". But I'm going to downvote you now just because you didn't undo the unjust negative rep I got. (It's nothing personal, and I'll probably return to my habit of upvoting you.)
  5. And what about my sudden insane reputation? I want to know what's going on because it makes me feel very dizzy.
  6. Nice stuff, but lol that cable mess. But it's not easy to hide it when you don't have beefy CRT TV to hide it behind. Subwoofers are huge magnets, you don't worry for your hard drives?
  7. We've got a glitch in the forum reputation system. I don't know how many are affected by it, but my own rep had gone from 1 point to 18 points while I was away a few hours. And now after I signed in, it went from 18 to 28 in about two minutes. Here's not enough people online to explain this so I don't know what the fuck is going on in the database...
  8. 1 and 2 turn based.... Wtf I thought they were action-adventures.
  9. ^That was post # 6666. But I would enjoy F3 more if I had been through F2 already? Or maybe the characters are new and the story so disconnected that it doesn't matter so much.
  10. Someone are in the process of ruining my bad forum rep and I have no idea why. It is a :mystery: ......

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    2. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      I feel more and more raped.

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      That's because you sat on one of Massacre's Warlord Industries branded dildos.

    4. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      I didn't mean literal rape, but when you say it I think I might have been literally raped as well. Never go to Warlord Industries drunk.

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  11. There was a time when a mainframe would be proud of having that much RAM. But you need it because you edit videos? Good to know, but I would prefer the disc version anyway. Awesome screenshots, and I see you have a funny choice on this last pic. I had to look closely before I saw Ivan.
  12. You could mod it at another garage, I think. I'm almost sure I had nitrous on the Hustler sometimes.
  13. Was that only one full stop? Do not think they lack good ideas, they've had many years to develop the next game. Software programmers/designers usually have too many good ideas.
  14. you're right, There is no texture difference. The only changes are lighting/reflection/refraction and post production filters. Which can be GPU hungry, but it's worth it! Also the Time cycle has been overhauled i think. They coded their own skylights and light effects for different times of the day and weather cycles. It's not even a hard mod to install. You just drag - drop the files into the GTAIV route folder, and modify the config according to your setup, and you're ready to go. Installing GTAIV and getting the v1.0.4.0 patch to work properly is a different matter! I had to pinch my arm because it looks better than reality! If I had IV for pc, how would I acquire this mod? What hardware would I need in order to run this as smoothly as possible? The game is some years old now, I don't know if I would need a high end pc or just a "better than average" gaming pc. What are your pc specs and how does it run the game?
  15. My computer can't run it, but I'll maybe have access to a better computer. Fallout 2 got very positive reception, so it sounded like a good place to begin. But maybe these games are so big and time consuming that I should skip FO2 and go for FO3.
  16. Sounds like it could possibly be a cool game. But what should the game be called? I don't think R* - nor the GTA fans - would be very happy if it had Grand Theft Auto in the title.
  17. The Tahoma was the four-door, right? I loved that thing. Hydraulics (only because you couldn't just have the car lowered), dark green paint, and, uh, I forget which rims I used, but it looked great. Yes, it's the four-door Ballas ride. It has great acceleration, decent top speed and it can take alot of beating before it's toasted. And the sound of that V8 almost gives me an erection. (It is apparently classed as a low rider because it's modded at Loco Low Co, possibly a glitch.)
  18. I'm about to order Fallout 2, I found it very cheap at a web store. Is this game a good place to start?
  19. One of the cars I miss the most from San Andreas was not one of the best cars, but it had alot of attitude: The Tahoma. It was fast enough, very nice engine sound, good looking and it handled quite well. And it was very available, at least in Ballas territories. The BF Injection was funny, but it handled nervously. Beef Injection lol, that has to be why it had so high sex appeal. Yes, but they weren't very realistically made in GTA SA (I don't know anything about IV). And I want firetrucks with usable ladders.
  20. I'm sorry but I am with ViceMan and Massacre here. Your posts are almost illegible because you post walls of text without bothering with capitalization and punctuation. Like TreeFitty said, some of your posts reminds me of spam from spambots. But you are maybe a genuine GTA fan that doesn't yet master the written language, I don't know.
  21. The "traffic camera" effect is nice, but I think it's the blue color that makes me dislike it.
  22. ^ I think the above looks bad, both the image and the font, but especially the font. But I loved this you made: I think this is a good start, but the right side image don't blend in so well. Maybe people and cars should be given more space? And I really like the "" fonts.
  23. I was also thinking about posting a from-behind photo, but I fear it would not be well received....