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  1. ^ No surprise there. I never held British cuisine in high regard. I prefer Chinese, American or Scandinavian.
  2. Anti-Marney! But that makes Marney a venerated anti-Demon.
  3. I love London, I've been there (and almost got run over by a dozen cars because I saw to the LEFT side before crossing streets). So I wish not to see the next GTA take place in left drive traffic. Yo kno' how much time I spend driving when I first get started on a GTA game? If I survive in the game, I won't survive my local traffic after playing GTA for 18 hours straight. lol I would rather race along Champs-Élysées, scale the Eiffel Tower for a good look-see and sniping spree.
  4. Was my rep ever edited? Psy or Duff feel free to edit my points to a level that suits me better, if you wish. Ah, that is the Mass plugin, we all have it. It can't be removed, but you can feed it and it will entertain you with funny comments about sex, blood and violence.
  5. I like most of the suggestions above. I want cheats that affects law enforcement: Alter the police behavior (make them very defensive etc). Flat tires on all police vehicles. A code that places TreeFitty in all firetrucks. (Me likes to bump into their truck, then they attack me and I beat'em up and take the firetruck)
  6. Congrats on the graduation! Now you can wear that hat forever.
  7. In addition to all kinds of normal vehicles: Biological Weapons: I want farm vehicles/machinery. I want to drive to rival territory and spread manure in the streets. And a harvester could be fun to drive on the sidewalks a busy Saturday afternoon.
  8. Thanks guys. I know the problem, I just didn't understand what he said. I must have had a "Demon moment". But realistically, the backfire of the RPG would incinerate and kill him regardless of where the warhead went (unless the room is big). But lack of this type of realism is perhaps acceptable in GTA, after all it's not a war simulator.
  9. Yes you talked about drive-by's, but you also said this, and this was what I replied to when I said indoor use of RPG's are suicide: I understand this as a wish for easier use of RPG's inside buildings. By the way, I don't understand the red part, perhaps a small change in the grammar would help. Ah, but that is not buildings disappearing, for something to disappear it has to appear in the first place. The game pushes the consoles to the limit, or beyond the limit sometimes. It's annoying. He is Marney. Always look for the fine print in his posts.
  10. I want less free weapons than what we had in San Andreas, having to purchase more of it would make the money more useful. Fewer spawn points and some randomness would be nice. Heavier weapons, like RPG's, should be very expensive and not very available. You mentioned somewhere that you should be able to fire a RPG out a window, but I'm not so sure I want that. Maybe I want too much realism, but if we are realistic, a RPG is a useless weapon indoor unless you want to commit suicide. The backfire will instantly incinerate everything in the room, including the guy firing it unless the room is big. This is what the movies don't show us. Maybe it looks okay for many people, but for someone who has done military service it looks ridiculously silly. Remember how Rambo successfully fired an RPG from inside a helicopter? From your wishes I see that you want realistic physics (trees and leaves moving in the wind etc), and I would also like that, so I want a little bit of physical realism elsewhere too. Plus teens. I want some young people in the streets. I know we can't have kids, but teens (maybe 16+?) are fine IMO. Disappearing? I instantly thought about Massacre when I saw this... But I do agree.
  11. ^ Thank you, Mass. Happened to me in San Andreas all the time. (And it happened under the police HQ in Los Santos to a NPC. ) Sorry but what is "noriety"? I tried to look it up but found no matches. I don't think the police should look after you if you don't have a wanted level. That's basically what you suggested and it's one of the few things we disagree on. I like the idea of throwing away clothes, but I don't want to magically find it in the safehouse afterwards. We both do like realism, but this would not be realistic at all. Just make some of them sexy, darn it!
  12. Shit, that was a big wall of text, Seb! But I read it all and I enjoyed it. I liked almost all of your ideas. You keep referring to "warrior", what is that? Lol, it's funny when they accidentally hit each other! I had much fun with it in San Andreas. Raids and robberies are fun, but in San Andreas I did not have fun with all the money I accumulated. There were many things to spend money on, but I quickly ended up having so much money that it was pointless. I don't want GTA to turn into some sort of business simulator, but I do want to struggle more for the money. Having to pay fines could help this. Also repainting and repairing a vehicle should be expensive. That happened in San Andreas. So they removed it in IV, is that so. You want fuel as a factor, but you don't want the possibility of running out of fuel? But I do like the idea, and I think vehicles should run out of fuel if they were not refueled. But I would not want to have to refuel often.
  13. Welcome, jacoboram. I can tell by ViceMan's post that you feel like home already. Welcome, may I masturbate on you and make animal noises? "Moo!" Maybe we should lock the exits before you do that on a new member. Just in case.
  14. Only 25 points differ each rank, maybe there should be a new rank for every 100 points. And for every 250 points after -1000. Just an idea. Another way to do it, is to simply ban Marney and make him register with a new account. Who support this idea? We have a limit, it is five negative and five positive votes per day for ordinary members. (I think the staff quota is double that.)
  15. Your friend says anything is possible? I just wonder, is your friend by any chance a Star Trek nerd? And also, do you see how much a couple commas and a full stop (added in the quote) improved the readability?
  16. Dup those screens are awesome! Rapeban. Warlord, a head explosion would give you orgasm, wouldn't it?
  17. ^ Yes, one particular member has been stuck at "Forum Nazi" since he reached -650 ages ago. He's been a bit cranky the last couple weeks, I think he's bored of being stuck at the same title for so long. -999... Psy must hurry up... About my own rep again... I got 72 points now which is unreasonable much, it makes me feel ashamed! Some admin please shave 40 - 50 points off my rep. I want it edited, I don't want to have posts downvoted.
  18. You think it's someone who actually vote... maybe that is right, but I don't know. I thought it was a glitch, like one vote being counted 6 times, but maybe it's not a system glitch. In the meantime, I gave Vice three votes so I've used my quota for today. I'll fix your downvoted post tomorrow.
  19. An unwarranted downvote? You're kidding. I'll have to get Viceman in here to correct this immediately. It looks like ragevoting. I see Marney have been in this thread tonight. He is also the only one to have viewed the website problems, issues & requests topic after I posted, and I was downvoted there. Lol. But I'll undo the unwarranted downvoting in a moment.... Edit: Sorry but I didn't undo the unwarranted downvote this time. Instead I'll maybe downvote you, because you didn't vote up my post that was downvoted.
  20. If it's an error then the admins will fix it, no need for special treatment. When I don't find enough posts worth upvoting, I give you my full quota. You probably deserve to have the most rep, but you don't deserve 300 points. But I don't see any reason to give you a "Marney treatment". But I'm going to downvote you now just because you didn't undo the unjust negative rep I got. (It's nothing personal, and I'll probably return to my habit of upvoting you.)
  21. And what about my sudden insane reputation? I want to know what's going on because it makes me feel very dizzy.
  22. Nice stuff, but lol that cable mess. But it's not easy to hide it when you don't have beefy CRT TV to hide it behind. Subwoofers are huge magnets, you don't worry for your hard drives?