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  1. Firefighter in a firefight. I have not played RDR, but what you describe sounds like an awful glitch in design. Not being able to immediately take cover because of an animation must be a party-killer.
  2. AC from batteries? I don't know if that's possible, I've never seen nor heard about an AC battery. But of course would AC be desirable. A battery pack worn on the body allow more power, but also the risk of electrocuting yourself as a result of battle damage, accident or malfunction. Wireless version? Electric power can be wireless, but do consider the risk of the current taking the wrong way. I wouldn't want wireless. But if we go far enough into science fiction, then there should be a solution for this little problem too...
  3. No, your battery pack would deliver DC and DC power is not that potent. 30-50 mA on the heart is fatal if we talk about AC power (120 V). For DC power, I don't know how much ampere you need in order to kill. *is googling* 300-500 mA DC power can cause cardiac arrest. So direct current is weaker? That seems odd, but ok. So i'd be better putting 100mA-500mA on the dial. What about the voltage for DC? I think the frequency in which AC power alternate (50 Hz in Europe) makes it more dangerous than DC, but I'm on thin ice here. I shoot from the hip and hope I'm somewhat on the target. The article is much longer than this and I've not read it. Hopefully I've not said something wrong, but I can't guarantee it.
  4. No, your battery pack would deliver DC and DC power is not that potent. 30-50 mA on the heart is fatal if we talk about AC power (120 V). For DC power, I don't know how much ampere you need in order to kill. *is googling* 300-500 mA DC power can cause cardiac arrest.
  5. Yes, it's true it would be more pretty. And it also makes your prey more digestible.
  6. It looks good. The pommel doesn't look comfortable because it's shaped like a nut. Maybe you have a reason to have it this way, but I would have preferred a round one. Mass mentioned external batteries, I thought the batteries was meant to be inside the grip? You don't need very large batteries to produce high voltage. The Tazer is not large.
  7. I support this. The random picture feature is a good idea. I think Mass only suggested the random pic feature from, not to make the site look like I didn't like as much because it was so loaded with graphics and scripts. I always prefer lightweight website design over heavy website design. There are two reasons for this, one is that I like things to look tidy, the other is a performance issue. I have an old computer so it is very obvious if a website is light or heavy. run alot slower on my pc than
  8. There are other weapons - sais - that works better for catching a blade. If you can catch a blade with this tool then you are Superman and you don't need a weapon. Fuck sais. If I'm in a sword fight and a motherfucker pulls out a pair of sais, I'm chucking my sword and using a warhammer simply for the sake of humiliating them. Besides, all a sai can do is catch a blade, there's not enough leverage to actually disarm your opponent unless he has a weak grip. Sais are not so much for disarming the opponent, more for stopping the blade which in turn opens a window for a counter-attack. If you manage to catch a blade with Dup's weapon then you can disarm your opponent, but I don't think you would have a good chance of catching a blade with that fork. You could do as Indiana Jones and surprise your enemy by pulling out a gun. Not as stylish as a sword but it got the job done...
  9. There are other weapons - sais - that works better for catching a blade. If you can catch a blade with this tool then you are Superman and you don't need a weapon. I'm not into the fantasy genre so I might not be qualified to say anything. And it was really a question for Massacre but I'm just butting in anyways. It doesn't look bad but I want to see a logic reason why it is shaped that way, and I don't see one. It's not a high-tech weapon that works in mysterious ways(?), it's just an electric coil and a blade. About the hilt: The grip is very thin and the pommel almost non-existant.
  10. Was there any big changes in GTA2 that made it an era on its own? Just some improvements doesn't constitute a generation change. I could be wrong but I think they all were available for PS One.
  11. Is it a stun-rod built like a sword? The fork model looks cool but not very practical as a weapon, more like a BBQ tool. I think it could break if used as a sword. But it's nice looking.
  12. Yes I had much fun in RDR not killing and skinning various animals. This is an early Sunday morning, but I think I'm just enough awake to sense some irony here. Some of us have not forgot where burgers come from. Edit, Every time I see a fire engine in GTA IV I think of you. Hope there's more in GTA 5, just for you. I like to think the drivers are all TreeFitty, so I pull them out of the cabs, shoot them in the face and proceed to have Niko fondle their corpse.
  13. I want wildlife (various animals). But it's not going to happen because some players could have fun killing animals and that is apparently so much worse than killing humans.
  14. I want God to be in GTA5. The Pope will no longer have an excuse.
  15. Cheers Psy! I can feel at ease with that knowledge. It doesn't happen every time I visit so it's okay. Another thing I noticed the other day (that is not a problem btw), is this on the main forum page: That's awesome!! It's about one third of the members. Another place on the same page it reads: Really? This last number must be including both members and guests and then some. Given the numbers of spambots on the other site, that last number could have been very high there.
  16. It tells me... But this is the Java plugin, not Javascript. They are different. Javascript is not a plugin or otherwise installed, it's just code that runs from the websites, directly in the browser. (Maybe not totally spot-on, but I think I'm close.) I guess my browser is a bit dated, perhaps that is why. I sometimes use a different computer with a newer browser and I don't think the error occured there, but I can't say for sure.
  17. My javascript? AFAIK javascript is not installed on the client side so how do I keep it updated?
  18. GTA is so different from racing games. In a racing game, all the cars are more or less comparable. In GTA you have many more cars and many of them are not very good compared to others. A car model that is okay in the real world could feel like a crapmobile in a game where you can drive a supercar one minute and a regular car the next. The manufacturer of a normal car would maybe not like to have their car in a setting like this. If a player thinks a car is crap in the game, it could possibly give bad associations with the real world car. I'm not sure this is how it is but I think it's possible. Legally, what is the difference between putting a car in a movie and a game? Cars in films are real (it would not be easy to design new car models for the movie!), I can't imagine that the makers of films in which cars are prominent have to pay royalties to car manufacturers. But in a movie, the cars are photographed, not re-created digitally. This is perhaps the crux. But what if the game version of the car is based on real photos and not re-created? It would be fun with real world cars, especially old car models. Nowadays most cars look the same and are quite boring. But I certainly don't mind if Rockstar continue to use their fictional car names, and this is perhaps what I prefer.
  19. Why yes indeed it is. tl;dr When I started playing a game called Jedi Academy online I called myself Darth Vice in honour of Vice City. But soon after I joined a clan and with my clantags my name wouldn't fit, so I mustered all of my creative powers and came up with the revolutionary and trend-setting name... ViceMan - the name that you know and love today. Haha. To begin with, I read ViceMan as WiseMan.
  20. And wasn't San Andreas the first game where you could swim?
  21. You mean you never played Vice either?! Blasphemer! You really should play them as they are still great to play, and you'll be rewarded when all the plot pieces fit together, it'll give you a sense of accomplishment. I never played Vice, I think i'll play GTA3 first. Vice City is why you call yourself ViceMan?
  22. I jumped from GTA2 to San Andreas so I totally missed it. I think I have bought III later but I've never found time to play it. After playing GTA SA, it'll be a step back, but maybe a step back I'll just have to make one day. I'm sure I'll like it, but it can't possibly make such an big impression on me as San Andreas did. No game can do that on a 2D TV screen. A gang war in the Las Colinas area scared me up out of the city and into the bush. A large group with automatic weapons was after me and I had little health and could easily die. It was like an exercise in the army... And there are a hundred other unforgettable memories. But enough about San Andreas, I'm a bit off topic here.
  23. Only a few got cards from him, the ones that didn't are the ones who will get gangbanged when he comes back. I got a card so I guess I have a low standing here.