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  1. You have seen him more often than you ever would guess. Only TreeFitty, Psy, ViceMan, Massacre and I are not Alex. All other accounts are Alex.
  2. I think the Michelin-man drives something like that. Over here they're badged as Vauxhalls, very run of the mill, common as fuck. They're slightly superior to the Corsas posted earlier though, so you have that. I know Holden because I've talked with Aussies before, and I know Vauxhall because I'm a little interested in cars. Vauxhalls was common here 40 years ago, but can now only be seen on graveyards. They are called Opel now, I don't know why they are not using the Opel brand in UK and AU.
  3. For someone who finds the new Like system to be 'gay' you certainly have no problem using it. I have to use it because there's no alternative.
  4. I've used my Like quota for today, but I'm tempted to unlike someone else's post in order to free up 1 Like for your post.
  5. This means a Dodge Challenger looks more like a Oldsmobile Cutlass than the Oldsmobile Cutlass does. I liked the San Andreas Clover. It looked bad thanks to the awful two-color paint, but it was fast and not too bad off road.
  6. The new version is more limited, fewer options in the control panel. I can not choose if I want to view images in post or avatars. I can ignore signatures though. I finally found out how to turn off the rich text editor, but it grayed out all the buttons so I have to type all tags by hand. I hope all this can be fixed.
  7. No. lol I have 430 rep, not 430 likes. It is very different. Very very different.
  8. I have tested a military truck against a pine tree about as tick as that. The pine lost, my truck won. Only a small dent that my boss never noticed. In order to make it work, it is crucial to push the tree, not crash into it.
  9. The FB "Like" system is as gay as the ones who appreciates it.
  10. True. But firetrucks and tanks should break most trees without problems.
  11. Who is that fucker? I trust you wouldn't say that without reason so I do support the ban request.
  12. Car: Audi, not worth a picture. I would want a BMW, Cadillac or Jaguar. I like Volvo B12M buses. Actually I like anything with a huge heavy diesel engine with tons of torque.
  13. I request the reputation title to be visible with the rep count. Maybe the font used on the rep title could be smaller than before.
  14. We are very predictable in that way... Good! Thanks. Don't make fun of my valued heirloom! But I want to unlike posts.
  15. Seems I can type, after enabling inline frames... The new stuff looks nice. But I don't like the Like-system, too similar to Facebook. And we no longer can downvote, Marney won't hit the -1500 mark. And the new forum loads twice as slow on dial-up. We'll see if it's just some random slowness. I don't like the new :angry : smiley particularly much, it looks too angry. I'm ordering special hookers to visit you. You won't need Viagra, they might.
  16. I wish to drive an excavator and I'll take it to the cemetery. Excavators are extremely powerful and they can demolish almost everything, not just dig a trench. However I guess it's too hard to create a game engine that can handle this physics (excavating) realistically. I want every vehicle that was in SA and more. Aircrafts, boats, jetpack...
  17. What have they said Check out this video we recently came across by YouTube user YeardlyDiamond1 featuring the cast of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City hamming it up to the preeminent internet bait-and-switch anthem, Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up". As you may already know, Grand Theft Auto IV and the Rickrolling meme have some history together - which makes this impromptu Liberty City dance party all the more entertaining. Thank you. But you ripped that from Rockstar's website didn't you. I love how the video starts. Very nicely done.
  18. Ok, thanks. (Demon would have figured that out though. )
  19. I'm mostly into heavy and rock. I want several songs that suits massacre rampages.
  20. rockstars xbox server is so shitty that you have 3 seconds of it when you spawn, its good if your trying to get away from douchebags, bad if your trying to be a douchebag and spawn kill someone On multiplayer, who gets to be which character? How does that work? There's not 14 Nikos running around?
  21. Holy shit! Reminds me of MicroProse Formula One Grand Prix, maybe the best F1 game on Amiga. The same game on PC: Fast forward to 2:50 when the race begins. Listen to that sound. PC had so poor sound and graphics that I don't understand why anyone bought games for it.