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  1. Look, a used pinata! Seriously speaking, the head wound is too big to look credible, unless that is the exit wound. But it's not likely that they shot him in the back of his head... AFAIK thy use small calibre weapons, no bigger than 9mm. That looks more like a hammer wound...
  2. Is it being moved to the Asylum? Damn almost everything ends up in Asylum. We need the mods to define where the line is and enforce the rules instead of letting things derail to the point where Asylum is unavoidable.
  3. Haha. Sounds like a tempting idea but you can't seriously mean it if you know how the world works. It's not a Indiana Jones movie. No one have declared Bin Laden dead a long time ago, it's been just guessings that he might have died earlier. Of course the story keeps changing! That is because the media use many sources, and some of what they broadcast are unconfirmed =hearsay. About 9/11, I don't know what bombs you talk about. I saw airplanes crashing. Additional explosions after that doesn't mean someone set off a bomb, the explosions could have been something else. And why have I not heard more about the car loaded with explosives that you say was stopped? It must be because it was irrelevant to the whole 9/11 incident. The press is free. No, the first few hours are when things are more unclear because not everything is released. And when media don't get all info, they talk with experts and make guesses. What the fuck are we trying to prove. Just celebrate the little bitch has started to rot.
  4. Initially, also I found that strange. But remember that to many people he's some sort of Jesus figure and a grave on land would attract them like flies are attracted to horse shit. We don't need that to happen.
  5. I like that, but the downside is that millions would sympathize with him and ask if the US are any better than Osama. I think they discarded him at sea because that way his grave won't be a "holy" place inspiring more low-life to join his "holy" war against the West.
  6. Agreed. They could at least have hung him and then impaled him. I'm all for old school justice.
  7. I saw this topic last night, when it had about two replies and before I heard reliable news. I thought it was all just bullshit, especially since Marney posted it... It's good to hear that the piece of shit was caught, but I wish they had taken him alive. But it's also much simpler for the US to handle bin Laden dead than it is to bring him to court. It's also surprising to learn that he lived in a city near the Pakistan capital. It seems obvious that the Pakistan intelligence service have known about this, maybe also helped hiding bin Laden. Putting their government in a most embarrassing position (which is well deserved).
  8. Welcome. I see you are both Batman and Postman. Do you also work as Postman because Batman's salary is too low, or do you also work as Batman because transporting mail don't give you an adrenaline rush?
  9. 77? Oh no. Well thanks I guess. But I can't look what those notifications are, coz that'll mark everyone as read and I have no time for it. Maybe I'll have 100 tomorrow? :D

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  10. No new notifications for me! :angry:

  11. We used to have a rating system on the profiles, I can remember some stars. Today I was going to use it for the first time, but I can't see it. Is something temporarily in disorder or is it removed? When viewing the member list, we can sort by Member Name, Post Count and Join Date. It would be cool to have the ability to sort by reputation too.
  12. lol. I didn't expect to hear this. I've not seen anything that makes me agree, I actually think Pie is cool. But I don't know this community as well as you so I'm not challenging that statement.
  13. I think someone is confusing me with Marney sometimes... I'm in rep debt, far into the red. I can't say I've earned it, but what the fuck. Pie and QD hasn't earned all those red points either.
  14. Only Yahoo is online. Fuck off.

  15. I petitioned Psy to change the reputation ranks a few weeks ago. Little did I knew that he would never stop changing the ranks...

  16. Looks awesome! My first thought was "Alienware". I wanna build a full tower pc, but the plan is on hold because I don't have room for it on my desk. But I guess this place is the right place to ask for advice when the day comes. I have only decided one thing: Water cooling. Those stand-alone water-cooling towers look awesome.
  17. Of course, I forgot Bones. I don't read the Fallout topics often so I don't know much of what's going on in there, but I've noticed that you, Synch and Bones post often there. Didn't someone credit Synch for being a Fallout encyclopedia in their sig on the old forum?
  18. Will do! I understand you and Synch are the biggest Fallout authorities around here.
  19. Thank you for the advice I appreciate it, although if I do follow it it will probably steal hundreds of hours from my life... +Rep. Have you played Half Life 2? The scenery in that game blew me off my feet, and it was a good game because of more reasons than just its beauty. How does Fallout 3 compare to HL2? I know they are different types of games, HL2 is merely a first person shooter whereas FO3 has a role-play element to it if I'm not mistaken. If we forget about pixel numbers and frame-rate (I suppose FO3 is superior here), is it possible to compare the visual aspect in the two games? HL2 was fantastic (at least for its time), it had many different environments. What I remember most was Ravenholm and Highway 17. It took the breath from me. Sadly I never got to finish it because the game was on a computer I had borrowed. I read some mediocre reviews of New Vegas, most of the criticism was something about playability(?), hopefully they have fixed the problems later.
  20. Look at that environment! That screen makes me want to buy and play Fallout 3 so badly. But I haven't got the time for it.
  21. I think Pachter should be first to face the firing squad, after all he's the one who gets people's hopes up with his expert opinions while the other dipshit just makes people laugh. Classic. We need a JT smiley. A sawnoff dick. And we should do an exception and vote up that post of Marney.