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  1. haha thanks . its kinda hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic or messing with me while on a computer ... oh and i didnt mean to quote it twice , it just kinda did it by its self xD
  2. Wot?? The cinematic clip isn't to bad of an idea. They pretty much had that in IV when you were arrested but, i think they could go a little farther with that. But the cops chase you because you are wanted. If they didn't chase you when you're wanted then their would be no need for them so i don't understand what you mean there. i mean that the cops are always after you. like say you escape from the police and then you run into another one (after loosing all stars) and then you get chased again because he reconizes you. do you get it or still no? like if in real your a wanted criminal, if a cop sees and reconizes you he'll call for back up and chase you down. thats what i mean. alot of reading but thats what i mean haha
  3. your picture with the number "69" doesnt help me agree with your comment aha ... I believe you completely missed the sarcasm in that post. hmm never thought about that xD my bad.
  4. That^. Was very strange walking through the apartments in IV and hearing the dead silence. Made the world feel a little empty. yeah, it did haha. but in some apartments they had music blasting from inside.
  5. im gunna do the first 1-8 missions just to get used to the controls (if theyre any different to gta iv) then just explore the map just not to much. maybe go on rampage mode and kill everybody in my sight xD idk ill be more sure once i get the game .
  6. i would like it to happen only to the pedestrians xD so you can mess with there car even more lolol xD
  7. your picture with the number "69" doesnt help me agree with your comment aha ...
  8. so i noticed the rims from the first two pics are kinda different ? might be same car just different rims . i think they should add a gta version of the Nissan Skyline GTR
  9. well i think they should have an eminem song for rap even though he hasnt made a new song since 2010 it would be nice to hear him in gta
  10. I stopped at "kids" considering they don't have kids in GTA.... i would welcome the addition though. but then you would have all of those parents who would say that it would it is a bad influence/murder simulator on their kids and would inspire more school shootings, even though the game would be rated M. well i mean i hear them on the radio in gta iv like on integrety with that lazlo (i think thats how you spell it) but i agree about the bad influence thing i mean it was just an idea ya know
  11. this isnt Call of Duty. Rock* isnt treyarch if they ever do a zombie mode for gta id never play it pointless ... sorry if i sound a bit harsh bro its just my opinion
  12. i would like to buy cars in gta v . in gta iv i saw a car dealer near perseus but you couldnt do anything but steal the cars there also while on the computor you can find a little car dealer site with prices for each car . i hope you can use money towards this stuff
  13. what would catch my atention is if you have a neighbor and the guy has a wife and kids and in the morning the kid goes to school and then you see the guy kiss/hug his wife and leave . then maybe say at nght you can see him drive up his drive way and head on home now that would catch my atention or you walk by a house and hear dogs barking or people argueing that would be nice