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  1. I think it was nice how sometimes in gta4 but more often I think it TBOGT and TLAD the car you drove up to the mission, post cutscene would be parked nicely across the road or some shit. It made me more confident to take my car but it was too inconsistent, you never know when the mission you're going on would lose you the car or let you keep it.
  2. It's not really fishy, or a mystery. He ran rockstar spy and regularly spoke with actual insiders within and around the gta games. He never leaked info though, so the things he said would usually have been just a "hint" or stuff he was allowed to say.
  3. Have you seen the zombies in the movie adaptation of World War Z? All your plans would be well and proper fucked if those zombies came around.
  4. It's so hard to choose because anything grand theft auto related would look sooo good tattoo'd on your skin dude.
  5. Unless you were on pc, I think both of your problems were just a lack of skill (sorry). I can understand on PC when you have on and off buttons that it could be hard, but the PS3 remote made flying and riding bikes really easy, and I don't know many people that had that much trouble with it. If you're fishtailing around a corner every time, use less acceleration while cornering, or slow down to the appropriate speed before entering the corner. And as for flying, well I don't know how you could struggle with that, if helicopters were like real life about 2% of players would be able to fly them, real pilots and flight sim freaks.
  6. For all the people saying family guy has gone to shit, in seth's defence, he previously (around season 7) said that family guy had run it's course and he no longer had interest in doing it. He then got offered a fat cheque by fox and said, as long as they keep throwing money at me I'll keep making it. (He said something similar after the second star wars family guy cross) So he knows it's run its course, but he's still getting paid, and don't say you wouldn't do the same. As for this movie, it was funny as. I thought it was a bit too romantic comedy and not enough guy comedy but otherwise a really good film. Saw it high as fuck though.
  7. Psy, that's the first thing I looked at aswell. Real street actor being followed by ned lukes, voice of a pretty important character? Maybe not, but the reasons for following someone on twitter are usually if you are friends, and they probably have become friends recording voices together. "OMG THIS GUY IS IN GTA V ITS CONFIRMED BY ROCKSTER!"
  8. I've never seen a cryptogram before, but I'm going to try and solve it. I just have to figure out how to start it.
  9. Suicide is retarded. If your that fucking shit and depressed, leave the life your in and find a way to help people somewhere. Cowardly lazy cunts. I will never agree that someone has nothing to live for, that's a load of crap, anything could change at any point in time, we can never know what will happen in the future.
  10. I feel like racist humor has lost it's shock value, that's why it degraded in value for humors sake. It's not enough the say the n word any more. It's all about the c word now. I.e - I hope your mum has a huge cancer.
  11. Theres no such thing as a AK-2 or a ak-14 dumbass. Hop off BF3's dick and pick up a fucking gun magazine before you try acting like you know what your talking about. It's amusing how people who play FPS games think they know everything about guns. What a jackoff There is only the AK-47 multiple variants or the AK-74. It's named after it's creator Mikhail Kalashnikov. It's known as anAvtomat Kalashnikova (Автомат Калашникова). (All those Military History courses I've taken have paid off greatly, those weapons I've seen/held pretty fuckin' epic, FUCK YOU COLOMBINE I had a chance to shoot them until that shit happened.) I'd also like to mention that Battlefield 3 has just the AK74M and the AKS74U (a slightly shorter variant on the AK74). So even his prized battelfield 3 doesn't have all the ak's he just mentioned. But ibrahim I think everyones main point is, there's so little difference between all the guns you listed that there's no point having more than one. You wouldn't know the differences, like calibre sizes, length of the barrell etc. In fact the only differences you would know about would be the ones that prevent or allow certain attatchments to go onto the gun. And then you'd be on here complaining why does my red dot sight fit on my AKS74UN but not on my AK74M. They have a different side rail. But it would be so counter productive to the fun of the game to include that detail, and no fps games seem to care either, they'll let you attatch any sight or attatchment to any gun, it's part of the fun and a game like GTA doesn't need mutliple AK47's. Just one AK "stereotype gun" i.e powerful, not too accurate, but easy to spray with plenty of stopping power. Then if we can put attatchments on them that will be all the variation of the AK we need.
  12. I heard it's like the sun, you can't look straight at it without your eyes burning.
  13. I've tried to clear up my quests but I've got heaps of buggy quests I can't clear. Speaking to esbern after he . and can't complete speak to the jarl of riften or return to the jarl of riften. Getting annoying that I can't clear out all my quests. I like to be organized.
  14. Put me down if you like.
  15. Maybe, I have noticed once or twice at random occasions I've seen Alduin resurrect a dragon, tried to kill the dragon while it was just bones but was unable. And I think once or twice I've seen dragons who don't attack anything, just hang around me for a little while then leave. Usually after a random dragon shout,
  16. I too have a butterfly in a jar. I think I have a bee in a jar too. But that's probably from those honey farm thieves guild missions. Ok, so just a big of an update, the last time I was on the forum was a post saying I wasn't that into skyrim after playing it for like 4 hours. I'm now 53 hours in, level 35. Playing a Nordic focusing on two handed, but am a pretty skilled archer aswell. Moving along the main quests very slowly, I have met parthunaax and I'm currently on my way to find something for him. Really enjoying how much you can choose your own story and focus on what you want when you want. It's really annoying me how many quests I have to do, especially in miscellaneous. Would like to finsh them, but I just keep getting more, and get distracted while trying to do them. Advice for the newer players, DO NOT enter sightless pit at level 19. I did, got in, found I could't beat anyone in there and couldn't turn back. Only way I ended up getting out was just fluking a mad sprint past everyone to the end of the dungeon. Haha. Save file is up at 7600kbs and I'm starting to notice lagging and framerate dropping. Time to clear out the ps3! Only thing this game needs is the ability to ride dragons, that would have made the game at least 2x more badass. Riding into a new city on a dragon.... Sweet.
  17. There's a video somewhere duff about getting up to 8 followers (but I think 3 is easier... maybe search for that)
  18. Haha, I know. I've only gone to the first town, and accepted a quest for a dragonclaw. The rest of the time I've been running around doing stupid things that end up turning the whole town against me and kill me. I'm going to go speak to the guys for the more main story tomorrow morning and see how the story progresses from there.
  19. So i've got the game. I've played for like an hour. It's beautiful, and interesting but very daunting. I have no idea what's going on and how and what to upgrade. My main problem so far is walking really slow cause I want to carry everything I find and sell it.... I faught a wounded frostbite spider with my bare fists. Felt pretty badass (thought I'd try it after seeing the video of that guy doing it). Does this game start flowing more later on, I'm pretty lost right now... it's all very confusing.
  20. I'm not sure why but my gta iv wasn't modified. I was just recently at discussions regarding r18+ ratings, the games industry of Australia is trying really really hard to get it lifted. The government keeps fighting it though. It's absolutely ridiculous. However if it is modified or banned everyone just buys from nz.
  21. This is what I want too. Like 3 levels of customization/upgrades. I dont want to choose each individual sofa just be able to upgrade to make it look a bit nicer, why? Because I like nice things. Its why I shopped at Perseus in gta Iv, and why I chose the cars I did. And I'm also fine with people arguing against it. As long as they make useful arguments.
  22. Oh and ctrl+F5 while igta5 is open in a browser too.
  23. It's pretty amazing. I watched a tech demo of uncharted the other day, drawing paths of where to climb on the touchscreen and punching with swipes on the touchscreen. But you can also just use controls if you prefer. If they get lots of apps that come to iOS and android and good actual developer support it could be very successful. Or it could flop next to a DSiLite3dslite 4i... Just depends on how many people take it up. I'd love one for bus rides, when I can afford one I might grab it if just for uncharted and probably gta game.