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  1. Oh yea ok and Gracie i thought she helped get Tony into hard drugs
  2. Poppy Mitchell, the starlet from the new website update, is technically returning from TBoGT. She was a bit part character that you help during club management Is that the coke head girl u have to save from niko and packy?
  3. Im gonna lift that dodge truck it shows pulling the boat then the saber gt old muscle hopefully there's a bunch of turbocharged hondas i can go beat with it lol can we turbocharged or supercharge has it been confirmed somewhere or does anyone know?
  4. Lol but asking questions like simple ones u know and i dont u could just be like look here or tell them instead of people freaking out im not mad just talking aloud we got what 4 days i mean some people been waiting a few years im sure some are a lil edgy
  5. K why does everyone freak out who cares if someone has no idea how to put a spoiler tag instead of freaking out maybe help them i mean why are you guys even on this site if u dont want spoilers i mean come on we r all on the same team doesnt matter if u got 5 posts or 6000 posts im just excited as any of u but dont have many posts and am not the best at doing research mainly cause i work around 60 hours a week at my local fire dept and living at the station i dont get alot of breaks so instead of getting mad to a "noob" share ur thoughts and be helpful without lookint like a fuck head with no life im just talking to everyone nobody in general so thanks guys have a good day