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  1. What is that blue thing in the Alamo Sea screen shot? Looks like a play ground or something to me
  2. @DuPzOr, are those islands just some decoration or do you seriously believe islands are included in the game's map?
  3. Much compliments for your graphics job, Dupzor. Looks awesome, they should make it this way.
  4. Campers with interior and the ability to lock them from the inside would be pretty awesome indeed. First kill all the people on the camping, then hide inside!
  5. That is exactly what I wanted to post. For as far as I can remember there was only no beach in that area and there were two roads. But it is funny how it remembers us about that spot in the SA map anyway.
  6. I understand what you are saying. My reply was based on the contrast sea - land, not including rivers. Don't take it too serious. Thanks for your explanation anyway. Ontopic.
  7. That is a picture of the reality... not of the in-game military base.
  8. u don't say There are whales that travel into inland water channels like rivers and estuaries. Sharks, Dolphins and other large aquatic animals do so as well. But they don't travel on land, do they?
  9. The GTA IV prison in single player was useless. They definitely have to improve that.
  10. May be there will be ferrys for rivers and the Sea, perhaps with the ability to contain cars?
  11. In SA the military base kept the minigun, the strongest weapon of that game. I think you can expect something like that to be hidden out there, strongly guarded of course. Land mines? Drones?
  12. It's a camera from the "paparazzi" mission. Well yes, that was my thought too.. but it just seemed a strange position to keep your camera.
  13. What is that dude on the motorbike (red T-shirt) doing? It does not seem to be a weapon, nor a camera..
  14. And again, no interiors in buildings in the landscapes are seen. Unfortunately.
  15. You will have to estimate (not sure what the specific English word is) how much money you will use for the preparations and execution of a heist, which is absolutely fantastic. Makes you think how you spend your money wisely.
  16. Mountain lions confirmed to be in-game, spotted by CVG while parachuting.
  17. Listening. Curious if they can bring in some very new info.
  18. Looks great! Why are they doing all of this in one week..