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  1. The bridge in the background of the third picture looks similar to the one in the parachute picture.
  2. I think it would be brilliant. I think there should be a range of music genres so that everyone can go to a gig of their liking.
  3. Let's face it, too much realism would ruin the game, which is why it's important to add a level of fun within the game. Tweaking a few things from GTA IV, such as the turning angle and suspension of cars, aswell as more realistic NPC actions/movements would work fine for me. I don't want to see NPC's writhing about on the floor, then getting up and staggering away after I've shot them in the face.
  4. All I want to customise is clothes (More than GTA IV), hair, muscle and tattoos. I don't want a level of customisation similar to The Sims, or Saints Row.
  5. As long as I see the following cheats, I'll be happy: -Infinite Health -Never Wanted -Slow Down Gameplay -Speed Up Gameplay -Spawn Vehicles
  6. I think they should stick with the Sixaxis level of control. Too much and it wouldn't be as serious of a game as they want it to be.
  7. I'm not so much bothered about blowing limbs off, although they would add to the realism. I'm just hoping they have disabled limbs, for instance, if I shoot someone in the leg, they should limp or drag that leg, that would also help the level of realism.
  8. DMM is a physics program which enables objects within a game environment break in a realistic way. There is also extra control for the developers, such as changing the weakness of a wall or a window. Even with the RAGE engine, it's still possible for Rockstar to use DMM in GTA V.
  9. I hope they do bring back the military as getting a 6 star wanted level in GTA IV was too easy, aswell as surviving it. The N.O.O.S.E should be a 3-4 star wanted level, F.I.B at 4-5 and the military at 6 stars. And as mentioned before, better A.I would greatly improve the experience.
  10. I wouldn't care if I had to download it, as long as I get GTA V I'm happy.
  11. I agree with the idea of using pinkslips to win one-off car, otherwise they should be left in Midnight Club as they're suitable there.
  12. I didn't like parking my cars outside as other cars kept crashing into them I'd like them to bring back garages, and plenty of them. There were never enough spaces in GTA IV to store all the cars I wanted to.
  13. I agree with the easter eggs, I mean, Liberty City completely changed from III to IV. We all know that Los Santos in GTA V will be different from Los Santos in GTA SA, there for it makes sense to have different characters. GTA IV crossover's may work, the only reason I said "may" is because there was a bit of advertisement in GTA IV showing Los Santos from GTA SA.
  14. I know the map of Liberty City in GTA IV was small, but only having a maximum of 16 players made it feel empty. Especially when the host puts no traffic or pedestrians >
  15. I just wanna push someone down the mountain, or shoot birds whenever I get bored.