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  1. When I heard GTA V was being released in Spring I sold my copy of GTA IV. Now that V's being held back 4 months I am gonna buy another copy of IV and an expansion pack and I haven't decided which one to buy but I'm thinking TBoGT. I just wanted to know: How much do they cost? Which one is better? What do you guys recommend? And do you get a new protagonist in TBoGT? If so can you switch between him and Niko? And any new weapons/vehicles? Any other major features? Thanks to those who answer!
  2. I sold GTA IV when I found out they were making a GTA V. I think I'll buy another copy to tide me over for a few months.
  3. Too bad that's a Wednesday No - it's a Tuesday. I was born on a Tuesday so it's not all bad for me...
  4. I disagree with the dudes massive idea - why would the army retreat? why would everyone turn evil? why would they all target you? What happens if you die - it will be really frustrating as you talk about surviving so many hours on 6 stars to achieve this big riot. And why would civilians have shoulder-mounted rockets firing at your helicotper? Isn't that a bit much? I want a sense of realism in my game (but not too much) but that's too far-fetched. You'd die like in 2 minutes. I noticed a lot of people want tanks in the game - I think that's stupid: why would they send TANKS after 1 guy? When is the last time you saw the army drive tanks past your house? They can blow you and your car up with ease and it would be too easy if you got a tank (like in SR3). A military base has been confirmed to be in the game but I don't see why they'd send the whole army after 3 guys... Why not just use SWAT again like in GTA IV? They are there to deal with terrorists so let them.
  5. I've seen 2 people say something like 'How many people get away from the police in real life? If they were too realistic it would be too hard'. I have to say that in real life you don't have 8 weapons including a machine gun and RPG , the ability to take cover and use 3rd person to see over the cover or the ability to throw anyone in the world out of their car and take it. Or the weapon accuracy of a video game This is GTA. In real life you get shot you're all like 'AHHH I've been shot!' but in GTA you need to get shot like 10 times to die plus your health regenerates and if you can get shot in the leg 9 times you can still walk and run effortlessly and flawlessly. Also you may be scared in real life facing the threat of death or being shot and left to bleed but in GTA it's just losing a life followed by respawning (and it's not like you even have limited lives).
  6. I don't think it should affect gameplay... And I don't think they should have snow in the game - leave that to real life
  7. That's what cab rides and the in-game TV are for. I remember getting the achievement for travelling from one part of the city to another in a taxi without skipping it. I just left my Xbox on and went to take a dump.
  8. Rockstar stated on the GTA V Wikipedia page that the map will be bigger than those of GTA SA, GTA IV and RDR combined! I don't have the exact words used but you can see for yourself at
  9. Where to start? *mild sarcasm* Ok, the police should be smarter as they were too dumb in GTA IV. Have you ever been on 1 star wanted so the police try to throw you out your car but you park on a cliff edge and they all jump off one by one? And maybe have the option to resist arrest? Also, more weapons! GTA IV had two of each type which was poor. I want GTA 5 to have 3 or 4 of each type e.g. shotguns, assault rifles, melee weapons etc. And DEFINITELY better melee mechanics. I mean - have you ever tried to punch or hit a civlian that is running? You can't punch unless you go into fighting stance where you move at like 0.1 miles per hour which sucks. I also want to see more clothing as there was not much choice in GTA 4 and all the clothes were so dull. We will be dressing up 3 characters so definitely more choice and maybe a more... exotic range e.g. hawaiin shirt, short sleeves etc. Plus I want to see more enterable buildings. GTA IV you could only go in hospitals and only the biggest buildings. I want to go inside a police station maybe? Break out prisoners, kill the desk sergeant?
  10. I know the police are way more realistic - they now use dogs, riot gear, smoke grenades and even battering rams to knock down doors that you can lock and barricade in the game. I don't want it to be too realistic though - I mean I don't want to have a press X to blink or use RS to scratch an itch. I also don't want to have to eat to stay alive or sleep regularly or just the toilet every 30 minutes (because in-game time is sped up). I think GTA 5 should have the realism just right - real but not that real.
  11. I hope you can get the police on you in private match freeroam with your friends! I think GTA V should have a main menu where you can choose 'single player', 'multiplayer', 'exit' etc. I didn't like it how you had to enter the campaign and watch those stupid pictures of the woman licking the lollipop and those hard men playing dominos. That way you can access multiplayer straight away and not have to wait for the campiagn to load
  12. You can now repair cars in your garage and that shows that they don't just reappear - or you'd be able to destroy them when they're wracked - and I think that's a really great idea I just hope you can't store infinite cars like Saints Row 3. Maybe start off being able to store 2 then work your way up to 8 in each garage around the city. I was also wondering: There must be multiple garages because the map is MASSSSIVE! so can you access your cars in North Los Santos from a garage in South Los Santos? Or will all garages have seperate cars?
  13. Just because you can't buy property doesn't mean there will be no safehouses. You may unlock them by progressing through the campaign like in IV. I don't like the idea of safe houses - I mean you're 6 star wanted, you walk inside and the police have no idea where you are and immediately give up the search. Although I guess without it it's a lot harder to evade the police on 6 star wanted. I really hope there is auto-save and it should save whenever you switch character.
  14. I think I like the way they are going to make it - you can only customize clothing. I mean, it wouldn't be very good at all if there was no customization but I don't want everything to get complicated - keep it simple - I don't want to spend half an hour working on my dude's face then realize it sucks, like in Mass Effect - I just stick with the basic look. And I didn't like SR3 customization either - I just kept the default character. And why would you be able to customize when you now have 3 protagonists? Although I agree that there should be more and better clothing than in IV. Nothing looked good on Niko :/
  15. I don't think there will be a limited edition (although if there is I will get it) because R* have already said that the first 15 people to pre-order get those special scope-things that you look through and see parts of GTA 5 e.g. Los Santos city, Vespucci Beach. And the first 100 people to pre-order get a double-sided poster. One of the images is the one with Franklin holding the baseball bat and Chop's lead I think.