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  1. I get out of work at 9 and going straight to gamestop, I can't wait to get my hands on my CE
  2. A garage full of cars? Im sorry but there only going to be one car in and a bike and 3 free weapons , there's still going to be plenty of stuff we can buy with a.hard earned in game cash
  3. If I remember correctly it was when rockstar put it up in their website and it was interactive, I hope they do the same for V
  4. I would really love to see a GTA version of zombies, Rockstar could do amazing things with it. Just imaging riding into the city from the country side and be greated by a horde of zombies, what do you do? Pull out your gatling gun ofcourse, either way I know rockstar wrong let us down. Let me rephrase that "i know rockstar wont let ME down" lol
  5. i really hope we can use the spotlight on the heli that would be pretty cool, my favorite pic is the one with the lightning storm
  6. true but they might implement it in some way either way i can wait to hit a deer with my bobcat
  7. does anyone think that hunting will be a mimi game or maybe sell pelts for a way to get extra money?
  8. Come on why does rockstar always do this, they get us all hyped up for the game.and tell us its gunna be spring and then they go and delay it for 4 months, its ridiculous, they need to stop giving an estimated release time and just wait till they a certain of when they will release it, on a nother note we better get a another trailer!!!!!!
  9. id love to see snow in the game but i doubt there will be, it would be fun to just drive around the snow on a snowmobile
  10. have yall been livin under a rock? Rockstar have already confirmed they redid the driving mechanics so it drives more like a racing game sorta like need for speeds driving
  11. what do you mean theres no bloods in LA? are you numb, you apperantly dont know shit about them