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  1. Cuba,colombia and mexico could be used in a drug related storyline,except the language would become a barrier.
  2. Blue golf helmet of doom!

  3. We should do a big road trip like ace did.
  4. yea but if its already in the game why woulnt it be in online?
  5. Isnt shooting already in the game?
  6. But wont the money go straight to the ATM?
  7. Today.......,Shits going down.

  8. They could've paid for that score, they have paid for negative press before. I haven't played SRIV so I don't know what it rightfully deserved.Its preety much SR3 with aliens and SuperPowers.Really fun game.if they had kept as DLC for SR3 and THQ bankrupt it would have gotten a 10 like Undead nightmare.of course IMO.
  9. Apparently to the site that gave them a 70 it was a big disappointment. I'd like to see their version of a 90+ Who gave the game a 70? http://www.escapistm...iew-People-Suck Oh..but they gave Saints Row 4 five stars? Really?? That site has no credibility whatsoever IMO.
  10. I can't believe it's almost here!

  11. three days....the wait is almost over.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      3 days?! fuck you people in the eastern hemisphere!!

    2. Ginginho


      03 Days 07 Hours 24 Minutes 48 Seconds.

    3. Rob


      got 3 hours on me Ginginho

  12. Yea i have to download it.ill just leave it on til 3pm when i get home and just stare at the screen while its installing.
  13. Getting The Warriors and Midnight Club 3 with my 75%.The memories of playing the warriors with my brothers and MC3 with my sister need to be recreated.

    1. Qdeathstar


      Task 104

      First person to post in chat from when i post this gets +7500

    2. Qdeathstar
  14. i voted for no on auto aim,ill change it