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  1. Finally, I decied to upload PNG file only. Here they are, all 44 icons! In the floor is 22 icons. rest is in the down floor. -------10 items line------- -------10 items line-------
  2. Hey guys! I am so exciting that GTA5 is coming in only 6 days! I made some icons used the avatar from the R* offical artwork, bellow is a quick preview for these icons. There are 44 icons total! Please feel free to take these icons! At first, I was searched some similar icons on the internet but only find one icon is this: this is made by "CheckeredStuffGFX". Thank him to made this icon, but unfortunately, he just made one. So I made all avatars by myself.
  3. Love GTA. V come out!

  4. Hi everyone, I'm Yoha. I come from China~ Play GTA since GTA 3 in 2003 Also, I have made 3 mods for GTA-SA. (one car and 2 jets) Love GTA! Can not wait GTA 5!!!
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