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  1. well here goes, i got a few decent ones here. http://rsg.ms/1gW4ZKb < Construction Yard Offroad. probably my best build yet, and was my first. http://rsg.ms/1gW5kfQ < Amphitheatre Sprint. Twisting mountain roads http://rsg.ms/1gW5N1F < Vinewood Dash. Twisting mountain roads http://rsg.ms/1gW5Uuf < Balls Of Steel. Chiliad bike race, title says all. http://rsg.ms/1gW6b0b < We Like 'Em Tight. Hardest race ive made yet Got lots more, but i figure these are the only ones worth noting. ** xbox!
  2. i had something similar happen to me on the weekend. i was trying on valentines clothing, and my torso tattoos were showing up as a graphic on the shirt(s)
  3. i fail drifted past a couple of peds i think yesterday or day before, and crashed into a pole. one ped says to the other "Told you he wouldnt make it, wheres my 20 bucks?" might have been purely coincidental, but i had a right laugh, and then massacred the whole block.
  4. the lot of you a bitching for essentially NO reason. "oh i have no money anymore waaaah" big deal, rockstar wiped me completely dry. You know i did? JOBS. for the past week all ive done is missions, and each and every one of them pushed out more than 20k and ive rarely done the same one twice.. i went from 50k to over 3 million just like that. "theres no story waaaah" get some fucking friends you loser. make your own damn stories. i have more fun playing with random ass randoms using our imaginations for good ole shananigans. better yet, make your own damn missions if youre that fuckin butthurt. godamn asshats. complain some more over nothing why dont you. either way, the rest of us, with a funtional brain will continue to have loads of fun on a BETA game without you.
  5. i do got to admit it is getting out of hand. i stopped playing for a while, in hopes that when i came back something would be done, first day im back, three servers in a row, gifted 150 mill + i joined a game last night, like 12 clan members in a match, all of them under lvl 30, half hour to an hour later, they were all above lvl 800. i havent figured out how to dump this money without another character, so ive resorted to fully modding cars with ignition bombs and leaving them random. ive barely made a dent in this bloody mess. i just wanna go back to the 4 mill that i legit earned
  6. it is legit, its from an interview with dan houser -edit nvm, gtagaming just posted it along with - http://www.polygon.c...-power-of-three
  7. anyone else notice the hint in that article that a few landmarks are a bit off on the maps?
  8. Holy shit, i had to take like 6 double takes on this photo. it looks like RL
  9. ohh man the canal looks wicked and that moon! holy fuck..