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  1. Maybe the old guy in a trailer is a boss you work for, like he is telling you his life story, standing, looking off a balcony, while you're sitting down listening, kind of like in the movies
  2. It should occur that he is not the MC because in 2012, Vercetti would be fucking 61
  3. On the Liberty City poster, on the bottom, it says "Opens March Everywhere" That would be awesome if true
  4. Alot of people have said in their opinion of course, that GTA V hasn't been being worked on consistently since 2007/2008 because of Max Payne What they don't realize is that they are being developed in different places, by different parts of the company Max Payne 3 is being developed by Rockstar Vancouver GTA V is being developed by Rockstar North Those are in two different countries Of course, maybe I'm just an idiot
  5. The map was made smaller than Rockstar wanted, there wasn't as many missions, cars, or things to do, because an Xbox disc can only hold 9GB dual layered, whereas a PS3 disc can hold 50GB dual layered, more than 5 times what a 360 DL disc can hold
  6. I have a slim PS3, i tried it on my brothers 80GB fat PS3 and it worked without freezing, so it is my ps3
  7. I was thinking this too, the reason GTA IV was cut down so much(An it was) was all because the 360 couldn't handle everything they wanted.
  8. I have a feeling they're gonna surprise the hell out of us and release it 12/24/2011
  9. I think it sounds Hispanic/Mexican myself, especially when he is talking about being a dad
  10. Do you know how to read? Obviously not, seeing as how i never said anything about the announcement. Maybe you misread my first post, i never said they were release 6 months after the announcement, I was asking when anyone said that
  11. Way to contradict yourself twat. Have a nice day I will dumb this down even more for you you fucking idiot. A trailer IS NOT A GODDAMN ANNOUNCEMENT. I said GTA Games are usually released 6-7 months after the first TRAILER., not the ANNOUNCEMENT, it has to be physically impossible for you to be this fucking stupid.
  12. Again because you obviously didn't read my first post and obviously missed my second post. Grand Theft Auto IV was announced May 9, 2006 with a release date of October 30, 2007. Is that still 6-7 months, Obviously if you're educated you would know it's not That's a year and four months and twenty-one days. Again I say, when did anyone say that GTA's were released 6-7 months after they were announced, and before you say the first trailer is the announcement of the game, GTA V was announced October 25, 2011, the first trailer was released November 2, 2011 I can't lie, it has made me excited for it too, its good that they leave some of it in the dark, but a little info would have been nice, like the main characters name or a release date or something.