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  1. You don't replicate a city in meticulous detail and then add random shit that doesn't fit in. Oh shit you're right! Of course, because the statue of liberty does have a soda in its hand and working heart on the inside. Well son of a gun I feel just a lil silly now. Its a fucking video game. Don't take it so seriously, they could add it in if they wanted it could easily be a secret base hidden somewhere on the huge map. Whether it is underground or whatever. You do not work for Rockstar Games so don't go thinking you can go crossing stuff out. I don't remember New York been set out as 4 separate islands that was separated from the rest of the country.
  2. It would be fantastic, especially if he was actually good at beating people with but with a incredibly terrible sidekick lmao but tbh if you were to bump into him youd probably have to be his sidekick for the mission xD but theres so many things you could do with it
  3. Serial Killers (Who probably lives somewhere in the woods killing teenagers) An aggravated postman Bigfoot?????? (It is on the police Wannabe Superhero Conspiracy Theorist Stalker What you guys think? Sounds GTA enough for me
  4. I sense a suck up, and I know Marney, they do tend to be dickheads I just liked their view on it lol
  5. I reckon it will be something different to the social club, otherwise it would be pointless really lol I'd like to know why they registered both GTA TV and Rockstar TV, they have to have something interesting and new up their sleeves to help promote the game further.
  6. I think it would be fantastic for the game to have a zoo, think that would make us really happy, imagine opeing a cage door and seeing a fucking tiger run about killing everyone in los santos, to make it even more epic they could have animal control, but sadly I don't think they'd go that far *sad face*
  7. http://www.inenterta...ame-tv-station/ Hmm interesting no? I like these ideas
  8. The answer is pretty simple I'm afraid, if a game was made like that, it wouldn't be very impressive at all. It would be a HUGE let down. Why? Because games aren't really capable of that yet.....although you could get game like that although it would have crap graphics, gameplay and the sizes of each map would be scaled down dramatically. Just to say a few.
  9. I think you can only customise it a certain amount until it ruins the feel of the game. IMO: Weight (Changes with how the player eats and what they do) Tattoo's Full range of clothes Jewellery Maybe a tan effect of some sort? That would be impressive Pretty much similar to San Andreas..ironic I know lol The character should always remain the same person for everyone though.
  10. It's a good question. I mean how many times could they revisit the same cities? For some reason I couldn't imagine them making a new city. However they still have Vice City and London yet to revisit. But for some reason I don't think they'll return to Vice City, not sure it would work in modern day time, then again they are that amazing they'd come up with something good. Something tells me they might end up moving on after 1 or 2 more games though :/
  11. Yeah we defo need more realistic reactions, not only with NPC's but with our player also, we should start limping at a point nd stuff.
  12. Wrong, Microsoft paid $50,000,000 for the timed exclusive DLC's, so NO they don't favor Xbox 360. I was just about to post that... And its gonna happen again! Cos Xbox 360 gets money! They g-g-g-g-get money son! You better get wit that 360 paper son! xD But still my points are very strong, they still made more money with the Xbox 360. No one even has to give it a second thought if they have a decent head on their shoulders, of course its gonna be on the 360. GTA will never be exclusive to anything lol
  13. It will be a cold day in hell before the PS3 got GTA 5 as an exclusive. GTA IV sold much better on the 360 and incase you didn't realise they favour the Xbox 360 more, afterall we did get the exclusive DLC way before the PS3 *Smug face*, if they made GTA 5 a PS3 exclusive it would be suicide basically. Rockstar want sales which = Xbox 360, the game console that is still currently the top console (according to a few researchers, including IGN). PS3 exclusive is just a silly thing to say. But I think it will be released shortly for PC after this time around, I dare say it will only be a week behind, they will be more prepared than they were with GTA IV.
  14. True, it's really annoying to see little 13 year olds and stuff saying all that stupid stuff just because they don't understand marketing and patience. I for one can barely remember the old Max Payne games, I just barely remember playing a few missions however the 3rd upcoming sequel looks fantastic, I'm hoping that will hopefully keep me busy till my grand (see what I did there? ;D) game comes out.
  15. He split, I wonder if he even kissed me I don't! on second thought I just wish he would die!
  16. They have already confirmed the rage engine will be used again, I remember reading that somewhere. They'll just have improved it like they did with red dead and l.a. noire
  17. Yeah play San Andreas if ya have the time, it's quite good, best map imo.
  18. To be honest there aren't even that many building from the looks of it, most likely things like a desert will take up most of the map. I think with that in mind most of the buildings we should be able to enter. Then again it was only a teaser. Even if we can't enter all the buildings I'm sure they'll look great like in L.A. Noire, those houses and buildings didn't look as painted on if you know what I mean.
  19. All the guns from GTA IV got boring fast. That's including the DLC weapons. I despise that pistol you got in BOGT, ugh I hated using it. All the guns seemed so damn plastic. Not only do we need 3 times more the amount of weapons but we need them to look and sound realistic.
  20. thanks for the info dudes but I already knew what TBA meant lol
  21. Apparently they did ask for a GTA V release date though, that's how they go t that response.
  22. Still looking bad release date wise. From the looks of this I wouldn't be surprised if it comes out next year. However its "TBA" so they might be revealing that soon, ya never know.