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  1. i don't understand yore words what was wrong with the bikes you cant win any bike race or some thing i thoght they were great they just dont want to stop on a dim so you slide a lot on the road.
  2. i am amazed at the pics on this page and where you found it i whant to see some more costrusion vehicals a snow plow ,a rino a apc, a swat tank, a death proof car a dmolation gruop of vehikels when you would be in a monster truck and you run over a car the roof and other parts should get damaged ,a armord truck with up grades som other cool things
  3. you guys are funny the bikes were great the trafic was too hevy to drive the bikes rill fast to top speed the hellocopters were ok but the aniolator or police helicopter with the guns on it was a little harder to fly but i could handel this bird. what i can't handel is when you sneek in to the airport on san andres and triy to fly a plane evan thoug you don't no how and crash it, that and landing flying cars on it.