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  1. The form said "take2games" that has nothing to do with rockstar this is a complete waste of time
  2. I find this giz art fucking funny and this giz new art doesn't sees to amaze me that it's funny. Ps: good job to Patrick brown and the guy who posted this there has been nothing new on this site for a while good job
  3. We know this is supposed to be modern day Los Santos/LA, so I think there is going to be more modern albums like: Ozzy, RUSH, ACDC, Metallica, Guns N Roses and if were lucky Slipknot or Serj Tankian from System Of A Down
  4. We really need a second trailer, and maybe the relese date will be in it to. Idk I guess were going to half to wait and see
  5. If ur going to buy an xbox u might be able to get a download for gta 5 befor ps3 like the tbogt and the tlad U are so right xbox is way more player friendly and now we have windows 8 and YouTube the fun never stops Ps: the windows 8 on the xbox is so much faster then the ps3 internet
  6. If u want crapy connection pick ps3 but it is free for the enternet but I'm not cheap so I can pay 60 dollars a year
  7. At least we know the best selling game of 2013 o sorry i'm being mean the best selling game rockstar has ever made
  8. I would love to see more modern lookin muscle cars(Shelby gt500) more corvettes and defenatly more Porsches because the was only one Porsche but I looked really cool but I'd like to see 911 gt3 rs or something like that
  9. The safehouse in gta 4 has a sanandreas commercial on the tv I just discovered this maybe this was a clue we no that sanandreas is going to be the next map but it is still amazing that they put in on the tv
  10. Winnabgo would be alsome Ps: I wish they put garages in gta 5
  11. Totally right being able to go take a piss will loading is a great thing