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  1. I think it'd be cool. Detonating bombs via phone call would be badasss.
  2. I think it would be badass if there was a mob boss that was forcing these guys to do the heists, maybe micheals old gangster friends, and if not they kill his kids or something. Cus I personally think the "therapist" scene in the second trailer was actually a guy threatening micheals son.
  3. Holy shit this scared me... That's not.. Umm..... Do out protagonists have..... BARE FOREARMS!?!? D:
  4. Well good fuckin work bro, who knows what they've incorporated into this? I would LOVE it if we got some god damn stealth missions, without killing people all the time.
  5. I'm hoping maybe for some ambient noise here and there instead of actual scores because the natural sounds is what makes gta realistic.
  6. Well packie is almost certainly returning. I can't wait to watch the main characters fight each other when I go to each other house and punch them ^.^
  7. If its an east coast gangster, wich sounds like a street gang instead of mafia, I'm not sure about that guy being a gang type. Seems like a fun character though. Plus, I think it would be awesome to play as someone a bit different then just some young gangster people let everyone wants. However I doubt this is the main character as he has a tattoo on his forearm and, I think it says 'fuck' on his right knuckles, but wouldn't that take away from the fun of getting new tattoos and stuff? I mean since its pretty much confirmed that tattoos are involved in the trailer anyway. Edit: from further inspection he also has a tattoo on his left arm of a knife and on his left knuckles it says you (fuck you) also a neck tattoo, the neck tattoos wud be the most fun part of customization IMO.
  8. Man, I remember checking this site every day and seeing the crappy screenshots for the first time we've come so far.
  9. Gta III was gangs. Gta 4 was mafia. What will gta V be? The evidence points to crazy cults, as somewhat mentioned earlier. Kiflom obviously plays a role in the story, it would open up so much oppurtunity for different characters and crazy people. I think a cult is way better then mafia or gang, it can go into a lot darker area then hoodrats and Italian mobsters and we can deal with some fucked up in the head serial killer white men who god tells to kill people or something. Although gangs should be somewhere in the game.
  10. They probably gotta green light the trailer and I don't know the process to do that. I'm positive the trailer is already done because they wouldn't be working on it if they plan on releasing it the next day, it isn't cod after all.
  11. I'm sure they won't be making people work to send out and 100% the trailer right after all this. They probably want to be Witt heir families. Idk when they would get back to work though. Maybe after a week. I don't see a trailer coming before seven days.
  12. Now to wait for the announcement for the delay and then the second release date
  13. Fuck yes. I was about to say this,it's got grappling, kicking, and punching. I also like how every NPC had their own unique fighting style wich was annoying in gta 4 where everyone used the same punches.