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  1. I need to stop staying up all night doing uni work.... and start staying up all night playing gta. My fucking eyes man, my fucking eyes..

  2. The Wolf Unit - All Xbox 360 players welcome. http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_wolf_unit
  3. Just got a: saved failed: rockstar servers are unavailable. The one day I'm free to play it...
  4. Just downloaded a new update when I turned on GTA V, but my package still hasn't been stimulated... Has anyone been stimulated yet? I thought it was coming along with the new update? EDIT: (100th post)
  5. Where're der bears? I want bears. Give me bears.
  6. Some interesting conspiracy/myths in GTA V...

  7. Ths is great news, but it would be a bit shitty if everyone decides to buy the same expensive apartment though... I like my quiet 6 garage apartment where I can leave and not worry about being hunted down by nearby shitheads in public games. It would be tempting to get the best place which I'm sure a lot of other people will do, but it could be annoying having people driving around your pad everytime you want to leave. Maybe I'll find something else to spend this money on and keep my nice little place for now
  8. Love my GTA Online apartment, now I need to throw a party there

  9. Need suggestions, I have $100k to blow, which property should I get? Does anyone know which places have interior 3? ^
  10. Any idea which place/s have interior 3? I have $100k saved and I'm on the brink of buying a place
  11. Right, I created a crew called "The Wolf Unit" http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/the_wolf_unit It's for xbox 360 players (but don't mind if anyone else wanted to join anyway...) It's for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun in freeroam or in any game types etc. Just to mess around really! If you need someone to play with in GTA Online then just join the crew and we'll get together for some havoc! I've only just created this crew so I only have 3 people in it including me, but anyone is welcome to join - if I know you or not! Hoping to get a good group! I have just about enough to buy an apartment, so we can relax there and have a few beers/bongs then go out and hunt down some people as a wolfpack, or go sky diving... and everything else! How about a road trip? - Also my gamertag: xWARDi
  12. I just got a message of rockstar cloud servers being unavailable. Asking me I need to create a temporary character to play... can't get online at all... Anyone else having issues? (I'm on xbox)
  13. Stayed up literally for the whole night playing gta online

  14. My character based on myself (the tip of the hair fits the tip of Mount Chiliad) Looking all suave and shit Me and my ride, it drives amazingly good Trev fucking shit up in style Well timed... Franklin looking sharp (and warm) 'Dead meat'
  15. Feeling lonely in GTA online, add me: xWARDi (xbox)

  16. The races are filled with complete pricks who are more concerned with knocking you off the track than actually... you know... race. You get punished from other peoples mistakes.... it's raging me out.
  17. Where the fuck is this update for xbox's GTA Online?!

  18. Has there been an update released for xbox? I went on GTA and there was no prompt for an update...
  19. So the new patch is ready to download?
  20. Need some quick advice, I was trying to play an arm wrestle game but it didnt load so i had to restart the game, when I put it back on it went to story mode, then clicked on my character but the face was blacked out, I clicked it ayway and it asked me if I want to change the appareance of my character, I was clicked yes just in case, and it took me to the original character creation but everything was still saved (my face, clothes, hair, heritage etc) Should I click save and continue? I'm...

    1. Zevio


      I'm just worried that it's going to start my online from the beginning or something. Or is this just something R* ask everyone on the second you boot up gta online?

    2. Zevio
    3. Godfather


      they asked me it serverl times i always say no tho... my problem is that it says i don't have a character when i do

  21. It's fair to say... I fucking love GTA Online

  22. Is online still not up yet? Just got home and seems to be still getting stuck on waiting for players...

    1. Zevio


      Alright, I'm in :)

    2. -Hussain-


      I had the same problem but now its working

  23. Just started my GTA online, just got into the car where is reads "launching session" ....nothing seems to be happening. I've restarted the game and it did the same thing again

  24. Just went into the barber's, went to the same hairstyle "Randal" (It even said this was my current style) where is shows you a preview of the style and the "growing back" parts on the side and back of his head disappeared, as well as it looking much 'cleaner' on top. I didn't even pay for the style again, just hovered on it and backed out, and Trevor's hair stayed with the 'cleaned up' look with completely shaven back/sides again. Plus I'm pretty sure it's the same with his handle bar moustache which was getting more ragged around the edges and more stubble was appearing. But for that hair style, it definitely grew back a little over time
  25. This is not a favourite feature, but it's just something cool I've just noticed, (apologies if it's common knowledge already) I noticed that Trevor's hair has grown slightly by itself, he had the punk hair style which is shaved on the sides and back, I didn't play GTA for two days because of uni work etc. I just came back on, and it's grown to the point where it's not completely shaven on sides/back. (short hairs growing back) But it's definitely from the same hair style. I haven't noticed it with Mike or Franklin. It's a nice little touch. (That is, if I haven't just mistaken judgment, I'm 90% sure this is a thing though) Anyone else had this? Or is this just already out there?